Desperately seeking TEMPORARY Foster Homes for 5 cats and kittens

Desperately seeking TEMPORARY Foster Homes for 5 cats and kittens.

Abandonned at dustpins in a small village between Eymet and Duras, these are domesticated cats, one has 3 or 4 kittens, another is pregnant and there is one other unneutered female.

To allow us time to neuter and put in place an adoption process, we desperately need foster homes.

All covered under fostering contract so no worries about being lumbered with them indefinitely, we just need a safe haven for them for a while!

If you can help please call Chats du Query on 05 63 94 73 97

They have a similar system in Holland and/or Belgium whereby it is obligatory to get cats neutered except by license to breed.
This case is shocking but unfortunately not unique. We have getting on for 150 such cats and kittens, abandonned in one way or another, on our waiting list to come into the refuge, being held by the many kind people who find them. We have about 30 cats and kittens in the refuge for adoption!
Statistics show that only 2/3% of cats actually survive being abandonned. It is a completely false believe that cats will survive on their own - they don’t!