Deterrents of a complex system

Do you think it would be easier to financially plan and successfully run a business in France if the full 'on costs' of running a business were simplified and made easier to understand ?


I’m not the greatest financial mind, but can generally follow a set of logical steps, but how much each business type has to pay loses me completely

I would certainly include that in the mandate of a single body. As it is, nobody is sure what they pay to whom, why, where and so on until making self-declarations as required, which might all be totally wrong because of being uncertain what goes where.

I was thinking along the lines of one sheet of A4 that says here are the four or five charges/taxes you must pay, when and this is how you calculate it. And not a calculation that combines algorithms, trigonometry and quantum mathematics, something your average Jean-Jacques publique can work out.

It would generally be easier to do most things, such as being an AE, if everything was channelled into a single body. In effect, being a person working alone is condemning people to not take a company name or form cooperatives, partnerships and similar with corporate identity as some of us did using Swiss law but based dispersed throughout the world with me as the 'hub' in the UK. We all woked out of one website, included the name of our association (ProRata Consultancy) with our names and occasionally had our fees paid into a single account. Those fees were paid on in full. We had almost no running costs because we were essentially a website. We had to drop it when we moved here, work was down and if we had been found out it would have been treated as a business and the bureaucracy would have made it untenable for us to continue. It needs an enormous amount of simplification, especially when the 'business' itself does not make any money but does have an account, especially if outside France.