DFDS Newhaven Dieppe

Some apps have downloaded maps so you can use them offline like Sygic and even google etc. They just need the GPS signal.

There are sections around Oxfordshire without a phone signal. Often google offers the option of downloading the map of the route used, avoiding the problem of lost phone signal. I have occasionally lost GPS signal in some places, but that’s less common and would affect any satnav device.

Don’t you have to remember to do that in advance though? Useful if you know you are going somewhere with a dodgy signal, but otherwise you can just be caught out like I was, in ana rea that ought to have been covered.

Some give nag wear reminders like google and Sygic. But I usually do my most common at install and would add additions wholst planing a trip.

Clearly you are efficient and organised, unlike me. :slight_smile:

Often Google just offers to download the route for offline use.

Sounds like they might have done that last little bit of upgrading the N27 closer to Dieppe. Realised the last time I drove it was end Feb & early March 3 years ago.

Though this was always our preferred ferry route, we’ve been driving it for multiple decades. It’s now practically a motorway to Rouen compared to the slow journey it was.

Though just like when they upgraded the last bit of the N26 to join up to Calais, when they were digging up countryside to build the new bits of the N27 it was notable that new speed traps were there almost as soon as they started digging and long, long before the road was finished :slight_smile:


Just tried to look up prices on the DFDS website, but I can’t find a way to make a booking - completely bizarre! Do you have to have an account first before attempting to book, or is Firefox hiding a ‘Book Here’ button?

Are you using a phone browser? In Firefox on my Mac there is a panel at the top of the page that looks like this:

There is admittedly no “book” item in the main menu, which is a web design faux pas.

ETA: I don’t know your age, but if you are over 60 there is a 20% discount - but it’s only available if you book by phone, not on the website.

Since you describe yourself as “ancient” I thought this might be helpful :smiley:

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If you select your dates and times then you can progress to booking.

Thanks Chris, LTA. I don’t have that option in the header to select dates and times. There may be a script blocker running in the background that prevents it showing. Good point about the over 60, and it would be a nice benefit.

Do it, the savings mount up! Also avoid the breakfast, sausages are certainly questionable.

CMOT Dibbler? :joy:


Totally agree. On the mobile site, it’s exactly the same, you choose your dates/times, then up come the prices…


Now I’m 60 very much looking forward to making that call to book for the discount…

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Odd - I use AdBlock Plus and it’s not removing the booking panel.

Can you see it on this page:

I’m sixty-nine, have been sailing that route regularly for over thirty years and never knew until today that I quaified for a discount.
I cannot recall (obviously) having seen it mentioned on the website booking form so maybe its only activatable by telephone?

I’m in my lunchbreak at work. Just tried M$ Edge, and it’s the same - no way to book on the site. Most likely there’s a gateway somewhere blocking access.

I can book on the phone through the website, but it thinks I want to go from Dieppe to Newhaven first, and won’t let me select another route. :roll_eyes:

That was useful though - £260 with a cabin on the NH-D leg, so with 20% down to about £210. That’s a bit cheaper than the tunnel without a layover, though we probably wouldn’t get to sleep much on the boat. Will do some juggling, but thanks for the help.

You have to phone and make the booking, usually easy enough and they can see if there is a lower price the following day etc.
Also for amending a booking which I do frequently.