D'habitation and Fonciere taxes - receiving the annual notifications

Hi - your help and advice would be appreciated please. My questions are:-

  • is it possible to receive the house / land taxes notifications by email?

  • which tax departments needs to be advised of a change in UK address?

We have a holiday home in France with our main home in the UK. We’re UK residents / tax payers and there’s no plan to change this set up.

Currently we receive the usual two notifications in the post addressed to our house in the UK. The overall delay between when they are issued to when we receive them can be huge (up to 2 months) so this in itself has presented problems. It seems our friends who are permanently in France receive theirs very soon after production. So there must be some extra steps in the process for people like us living in the UK! I now pay by DD so avoid any late payment issues. However of course we dont find out the charge until it is presented at the bank.

We have recently moved home in the UK and have the Post Office redirection service in place so inevitably the above problem is likely to be worse still in the future.

We have tried to get access to the personal portal online for taxes. However as we are UK taxpayers we are not registered for Tax returns in France and its a requirement of registration to have your tax number as one of three key pieces of information.

So is there any advice on what I can do to manage how we receive the notifications? Which offices do we need to advise of our change of UK address? I should add our French is not too hot so picking up the phone is unlikely to help and obviously we are not in France frequently enough to go to the local tax office (I assume they are the main point of contact) in the short term.

This might be because the taxe d’hab payment deadline for residences principales is normally (depending on department) one month earlier than for residences secondaires, therefore their bills are sent out one month sooner than yours.

I have one of each in the same commune (well my “residence secondaire” is actually a garage that I rent!), the taxe d’hab on my house is due this month and the taxe d’hab on my garage is due next month.

Thanks Anna - I didn’t know about the timing differences between residents
/ non residents so that certainly is a factor. Presumably that applies to


Hi Adrian, I had a similar issue this year, moving houses in the UK and France. I found it a pain that you couldn’t go online to update. I did however find the email addresses of the two offices involved and sent them an email, with all the address references I could find. I also scanned in and sent everything I could think that they might ask for (proof of address etc). It seemed to have worked. I couldn’t get to the offices as I live in the UK.
TBH, I also phoned each office in France to make sure it was ok to email.
You should only have one office in France to deal with as you haven’t moved addresses there.

Hope this makes sense.

Actually I don’t think it does.
But if you google “calendrier fiscal particulier” you’ll find the annual timetable published by the tax office that tells you the payment dates of every tax. Check out October/November/December for the two property taxes.