Diabetes-Prescription Advice


Being retired I requested an S1 form to be posted to our campsite here in Haute Vienne in January 2015 (we are the Hymer vagabonds at the moment!).

It has NOT arrived & I have asked for another one to be posted to our new campsite 'home' in Duras, Lot-et-Garonne.

I have lots of insulin, though BP tabs are getting a bit low & I have bought blood-sugar testing cassettes from Amazon France.

The question-at last!

Can BP tabs be bought over the counter at a local chemist or do I need to register with a local doctor to get the prescription? I have an EHIC card if that is relevant.



Thanks Brian,

Can get the test cassettes from Amazon so they'll be OK & have bought needles from a pharmacy before. I gather that seeing a doctor should be easy also-have a list of medications from my UK doctor.

Apologies for maybe a daft question but experience of others here is invaluable, & a lot on my plate at the moment as you can imagine!

All the best,


When we had a visitor who was (she is now deceased) a Type 1, she was close to running out, so we tried to get a testing cassette at a pharmacy but they wanted a prescription. I don't know about BP tablets, but I know that for my dicky ticker stuff I have to have one and it seems that way for almost everything here. Anyway, she was able to see the medic to get a prescription but had to pay as a private patient and for the goods, so I suspect that may be the case with you. Be prepared!