Diabetes Type 1 (Insulin Dependant)


I've had diabetes for 52 years. I am on a Low-Carb diet (mostly!) & have 3 pre-meal injections of NovoRapid insulin & evening long-acting one of Glargine.

Hitherto I've used an Accu-Chek Mobile to monitor my blood-sugar.

Now I've bought an Abbott FreeStyle Libre glucose measuring system. A tiny sensor is inserted painlessly under the skin. The sensor lasts 10 days before needing to be replaced. I use the meter to check levels as many times as I wish with no need for finger-pricks. The measure is of interstitial fluid so 15 minutes behind current blood-sugar.

I find this an excellent system since I can check in seconds if I'm working hard, driving, walking, swimming etc.. The system is just under €170 & replacement sensors are €70 so pretty expensive & not covered by my carte vitale ALD.

I thought I would share this personal good news that makes the balance between insulin, carbs, exercise & stress far easier for me.



as an update to this, from 1 June 2017 the Abbott System is available on prescription at no cost with Carte Vitale ALD from the chemist.

Your diabétologue, consultant, has to be prepared to put you on a clinical trial with clinical goals & the first prescription comes from them. After the trial your local doctor can prescribe the Sensors etc.

This is great news since it makes diabetes management so much easier with finger pricks to test blood far fewer. This is less available on prescription in UK at the moment.

I have been Type 1 for 52 years & have not seen a consultant anywhere for donkey’s years. Have now been referred & see the diabétologue next month so here’s hoping :blush:.

Great news for diabetics since normal blood-sugars are vital for health.

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