Diagnostics before putting for sale

Does anyone know how much these cost?

My house is near Ruffec. If anyone knows where or how I could find the cheapest I'd love to hear.

Ok thanks Christian. I've been trying to sell for three years or so but had the DPE carried out five years ago so I still have five years to get the place sold before a new DPE is required.

Yes, you need the DPE before you sing, actually you can be fined for showing your house without the DPE, the rest should appear at the latest when the "compromis" is signed. This is quite a good link http://www.viadiagnostic.fr/quand-realiser-les-diagnostics-immobiliers.html

Hi Hilary,

I am an estate agent but I don't sell houses (I am a property finder).

I probably was not clear enough. Electrics and gaz that are 15 years of age and OVER have to be checked and a diagnostic is mandatory in this case.

(For Peter also) The diagnostic are required to be produced before the compromis de vente (intermediary contract) signature, and attached to it. That's the period they should be valid. If they expire before the acte de vente (acte authentique) there is no need to do them again.

If you're talking about when selling a house the only obligation when selling is to provide the DPE details (as far as i'm aware). All the rest have to be carried out before the Acte is signed, or have things changed ?

The validity date is obviously the date when the diagnostic was carried out but does the expiry date have to be at the time of the Acte Authentique or only the Compromis stage ?

Some people have the diagnostics done just before the "compromis" is signed for this reason, ask the company if they can come back for free after 6 months as Susan suggests.

Thanks Suzanne,

Will take a look. a bit later....(trying , unsuccessfullly, to 'Multi-task ')....

Sorry Christian,

Realise that I've mis-read the less than/more than signs....makes more sense now...

I should add when we sold our house we still had to have this test even though the house was fully rewired in 2006 so the installation was less than 15 years old but the house was 18th century.

Hilary I think its mandatory for installations that are over 15 years old according to this document..



Hi Christian,

Thanks for the info....(are you employed/any of kind expert in this field ?)...

So, just to clarify things, I have (like alot of expats in France), acquired a house with a whole lot of different things going on, as far as electrics are concerned.....

As I understand from what you are saying, one isn't required to submit a report of electrics that are over 15 years old, only for newly installed parts or those that are under the 15yr mark.....(sounds a little 'odd' that's why I'm asking)...

Presumably if one isn't submitting info regarding this at the bottom of ones advert, one should just say something along the lines of 'information for this unavailable/not mandatory, but the electrics function, have a modern fuse box etc, but will need to be refurbished before long.' ?

OK ?

Sorry, I forgot. Validity date is the date at which the diagnostics was made or eventually signed by the company that did it.

Abestos/lead : no limit (you may use the ones you received when you bought the house).

Gas/electricity : 3 years (mandatory only for installation > 15 years old)

Natural and Technological Hazards : 6 months (mandatory only in risky area. Ask your mairie)

Termites : 3 months (mandatory only in infested area as deemed by the préfecture. Ask your mairie)

DPE : 10 years.

not necessarily, our DPE guy came back and did the retest for free at the point of sale (which was outside the 6months) I say free but it was priced into the original quote.

Yes I would imagine so. I'm not sure if the dates concerned are the date of the Compromis or Acte Authentique.

I am a bit confused by these differences.

Does it mean that if I don't sell the house within 6 months after a termite check then I have to pay for another one? As a legal requirement that is.

The length of the validity depends on the subject David. For example If it's the standard DPE it's 10 years but electicity is 3 years and things like termites are 6 months. Things like asbestos and lead are unlimited if found to be negative.

Some companies give online estimates.

I have a feeling it's just six months- but maybe the original guy could refresh it for a smaller fee? The termites can of course get worse if you have them. I believe that if there is no heating system no diagnostic on the insulation is required.

Just a thought.....

If one has only been resident for a few years and if one hasn't made any radical changes (to the heating system, insulation etc), then surely , the figures and documentation concerning this which one recieved when the house was purchased, should still be valid ?

Does anyone know how long this info is valid ?