Did anyone else notice Survive France being poked at on AI?

Definitely on your own pal...

Stick to more sedentary activities at your age !

Hahaha, what with my OH and I professionals in the human rights domain and our propensity to have non-European looking or actually so) visitors, we would go down a storm. I would be buying a couple more large dogs to keep neighbours away I suspect.

In the Channel Ports, Brits are known as "Les Fuckoffs."

I regularly cringe at the behavior of these ambassadors of British culture.

If you really want to see the mentality of the "knuckle grazers" on Anglo Info then take a look at this from AI Normandy


Would you really want people like this living next to you?

A vey good point Mr Alban!

especially when we have people calling us names from behind their keyboards!

I'm used to it mate :)

In all seriousness. If you upset a troll and they went on to give you good publicity in their follow-up attack then GOOD. As they say, There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Thanks Nora. TBH, internet nastiness was one of the reasons why we started SFN and something I feel REALLY strongly about.

I hate and despise the cowardly type of person who is only happy saying something nasty 'behind your back" or these days, from "behind" the safety of an anonymous profile! In addition to the ridiculous, patently untrue and unpleasant allegations made by Mr. Pittaway and Trehane on that thread (incidentally both had their SFN membership revoked for rudeness to other members), there's another thread currently going on on a FB group where the ADMIN of a group (supposedly set up to help men in France together) is having a go at James H in highly personal terms. I very much doubt that the person in question would be happy saying anything remotely similar to James face to face!

I think most SFN members are bright enough to make their own minds up and vote with their feet but thank you for the nice feedback. It's always lovely to hear especially when we have people calling us names from behind their keyboards! xx

When I first came to France I used to consult Anglo Info and I have to say I got some very useful tips from them. I was unaware of SFN at that time. But was I glad to join SFN. I got so fed up with some of the people on Anglo Info- they used to get so nasty with each other! I could not believe it. I have never known anything like that on SFN. People are much nicer on here and I prefer that - I don’t do “nasty”. And if anyone gets a bit bolshy on here Catherine in on it like a shot - “pack it up or into the naughty corner” - great :wink:

no vic

maybe we should have discuss on man u

Yeah but do they talk about football like we do Angella ? ;-)

I have unsubscribed from AI i don't see the point of being a member of a group where my posts are deleted i didn't swear or use aggressive language i just said that using a false id was suspect and the posts were removed in fairness i rarely used the site anyway so its no great loss

I agree heather

so why , when either forum members do not get there own way they post on the other site rubbish like this??

honestly its like kids in the play ground

i am on both and french entree all have the merits but this type of posting only lowers the respectability of that forum, do you really want to hire people whom behaviour in this manner or hide the identity as they are too cowardly too post under there actual name

I must stand up for the friendly team at the Brittany franchise of Anglo Info. They are always courteous and helpful.There is room for them and SFN on the same planet.

I made the same comment on there last night to the effect of would you trust anyone in business that was using a false ID even on a forum both of my posts have been removed

In fact, once you find out how, to a point everybody is traceable although perhaps their name remains unknown.

From his questions he also appears not to have a siret, therefore can not trade anyway.

I suppose it's to be expected, after all, I have criticised AI on this site for removing & editing posts without adequate explanation (in my view) so if someone feels they have been unfairly treated on here they will want their experience to be heard somewhere.

I did not read the complainer's posts here but reading the AI posts I cannot see what his grievance was! True, James & Catharine do promote their business on this site but that's because Survive France IS their business! An owner cannot post comments & hide the fact!

I have mentioned my line of business in some of my posts where it is pertinent to the subject without censure, but I can advertise in the classifieds without restraint.

As for feeling bullied - often I have found myself in a position where my accurate & correct posts are opposed by a group of wrong thinking yahoos but my opinion still stands - a beacon of reasonable thinking in a sea of opposites, but wrong they may be (or not) the opposing posts are always polite & well expressed. No one has as yet demanded my lunch money! But seriously, just because one's views are not shared by others & they say so should provoke a healthy debate, not cause one to slink away pouting.

SFN & its membership, old & new, rule!


the only reason too fake is your hiding something or do not have confidence in your postings, so you can hide behind the deception ?

me i am upfront warts and all i am the same on every forum , no hiding for me

so did i

never liked this type of attack rather your positive about your forum then use the tactics of being negative to another especially when they can not reply, and it has got personal which is a definite no no in my book,

however a nice person e mailed me and corrected my Stevie g reference and he did it by pm ? we had a good conversation so there are sensible people out there!

i think the guys beef is he is not advertising his business for free???

SFN rules, OK!