Did you choose the right place in France for you?

Think many of you know that myself and OH have been here for 3 years full time. We have had our holiday apartment in St Cyp, Languedoc for 5 years. When we first moved over, we lived in our apartment then went out property hunting...we had chosen half a dozen areas....all in the Southern half of France, but diverse...parts of the Gers, Provence, Dordogne, Languedoc etc. These were all places we had visited on holidays or stopped on route to holiday destinations, and had left us with a positive feeling.

We visited the Dordogne first, we started with a town we had spent a week in a couple of years before. Day 2 we fell for a house. It fitted most of the requirements, position perfect...exactly 1 mile from town so walkable...(though a one in seven hill to get back to the house!) an acre and a half of wonderful land with views to die for. Enough space for the kids to come and visit...altogether...(was dreaming of Christmases with a 20ft tree in the Grande Salon...and all 3 kids, partners..and in time, grandchildren) in fact we have only ever had 2 of our kids here at the same time, crossing over for a couple of days!

We had agreed the purchase and exchanged within 3 days!.....what have we learned? it was a mistake, we fell for the house...but the area is wrong. We prefer much further south where our holiday apartment is...we should have stayed closer to the apartment and the beaches we so love.

Here we are 2 hours from the nearest beach. This part of France profund is too quiet for us, not enough of...well, any of the things we enjoy. We have lived in the country before...but in the UK where the nearest large town or city is always within half an hours drive.

Given the chance again, we would aim south...probably around the Perpignan area. Did you find the right place for you first time? have you bought somewhere and wished it was somewhere else? did you hope to find work in your area and realised it wasnt the right place to find work easily? or have you changed your mind about areas and looking to relocate?

Rouen it's OK with me..

We looked at a holiday home there, Gruissan, 5 years ago before we bought our place in St Cyp... it wasnt the property we wanted and its quite a bit smaller than St Cyp....we thought more chance of year round living in a larger place....but we dont know Gruissan that well.

To Corrine, Carol and John

Check out Gruissan, next door to Narbonne. A bit pricey and is one of the few areas that is going up by over 5% a year, but it remains a good seaside town for all year living. Plus there is the choice of the old town or the new marina area depending on what you are after. Beaches are great - from well maintained touristy ones to wilder ones with big waves.

Oh and like Narbonne, La Clape wines abound (my current fave)

Narbonne will go up in price I believe once the new harbour works are finished although when that will be I can't say

I shall be there next week, hope the rain doesn't follow me

Yes Orléans is a very nice town, I like going shopping there and I have visited Meung-sur-Loire. I am a bit further north, near Pithiviers.

I moved to France because the women I love lived there. So, even if she would have lived in the bourgeois epi-centre called Paris I would still maintain that I chose the right place to live. ;-)

I am back in the UK Louise...I left Bergerac yesterday morning in the pouring rain...and arrived in the UK to a sunny autumnal day.....today its bucketing down!

Used to do school exchanges with Meung sur Loire - it's twinned with Lymm in Cheshire where I lived from 7 to 18. My mother still in touch with her twin town pals. Many happy memories of weekends in the Sologne mushrooming and fishing in the Magduonois' hunting secondaires . And I was an au-pair in Orleans many, many years ago. A lovely part of very French France!

Edit: Nearly forgot, the family mustard company (La Favorite, latterly based in Ealing, bought out by Colmans a milion years ago) bought their vinegar from Martin-Pouret in Orleans - and sold said vinegar in the UK - Madame Martin and her family saved me from the excessive demands of my employers!

I moved to my area - the Loiret, yes no-one's ever heard of it - because my OH already lived here. It is not the most popular place to live in but it is very friendly and I have made some good friends. However, from a work point of view it is hopeless. Not so many tourists for gîtes or that sort of thing, not enough pupils for teaching English, no-one needing bilingual assistants etc. From that point of view I would be better off living in Paris or a big city. However, living in the country is nice even though we have English weather, I am sitting here listening to the rain pouring down, its been like that for nearly two weeks.

It seems as though the climate is changing in nearly all parts of France.
We had an exceptionally hard winter last year, but the southern coastline has had terrible storms this year.
We love the greenness here, and youndon’t get at without rain!
We can be very hot in the summer, 40 degrees, but usually,not for too long.
Also here our daughter and family, who live in Munich, can be here in seven hours by road.

It is on a Wednesday, each week.
We are in the commune of Trivy, but at the very far limit, it changes into Sivignon on the other side of the Route Touristique.
Everyone here has been wonderful to us. The Mayor of Sivignon who is our neighbour’s uncle harrowed our field for us. I gave him a simnel cake!
There are a few Brits around, but not too many. We don’t have Ryanair flights near us, so are not overwhelmed with maison secondaires.
Having said that I met someone who was at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar school at the same time me and they have had a holiday home near here for 25 years.
I am glad you love our beautiful part of France.

Don't always go to Cluny market as it is on Saturday which is "changeover" day - so we tend to be arriving or leaving then!! Haven't been to St Christophe en Brionnais - may have to check that out next time we are over there! Is that a weekly or a monthly market? The big Ag markets near us tend to be monthly! :-)

We loved Cluny Jane...but it was too far north...we moved in part for a much warmer climate...

Brandon itself is by the RN69, which they want to turn into an autoroute.

Cluny market is more for the tourists and Charolles more for the locals.

There is a big agricultural market at St Christophe en Brionnais.

We are very rural, with wonderful views.

Love it round there! The postal address for the place my bro stays is "Brandon" though it is actually a few kilometres South of the village! We go to Charolles for the market! Lovely!! :-)

Why didn’t you buy here?

We discovered Cluny a dozen years ago....lovely place...pretty....lovely part of the world...

We are just off the route touristique, halfway between Cluny and Charolles.
We are just in the process of finishing off our gite, two beds each with it’s own shower and a heated pool.
As you have found out, it is one of the undiscovered gems in France.

We bought close to the area we had holidayed in for 15 years, we searched over a couple of years, had a list of must haves, and had one nearly moment with another house, but as we drove up the driveway of what has been our home for nearly 8 years we both felt we were coming home. We are just over an hour from the beaches, far enough not to have an issue with too many holidaymakers, on the outskirts of a village, within an hour or so of 3 airports but only 3-4 hours of the long crossing ferry ports and 7 hours of Calais, I still pinch myself when coming home after a trip that this is actually home