Did you know? I had no idea

After some seconds over 67 mins [43 +25] on hold on the ‘Orange’ Eng lang c/s during today I got thru at a third attempt, 15 mins before ‘last orders’ at 20:00.

In discussing a problem with signing up online on the Orange site, my c/s agent directed me to an offer ‘relevant to me and my address’ by SFR. “SFR?” quoth I, “I called the Orange Eng lang c/s. Why are you punting an SFR deal?”

Turns out, as Bill Bailey would say, turns out, that the people who pick up the phones on ‘Orange Eng lang c/s’ are, as my man agreed, actually an agency representing all the principle FR internet providers. That’s why they try to sell you an add-on for all sorts off services peddled by an outfit called ‘Selecta’. Beware Selecta, is all I can say.


Selectra offer internet services from all the main providers - they sneakily advertise their phone number when you are trying to find the Orange English speaking number - if you look on the same website page you will see the Orange phone number listed also but it is quite well hidden.

Orange number circled green, Selectra number circled in pink.

Which number did you dial? I’ve never experienced the Orange helpline trying to upsell anything to me.

Thanks Matt. I’ve been calling Selectra :anguished:

Selectra, Brian.

Now I know how to deal with the call-back at 18:00 this evening. On the basis of extremely negative comments on SF about SFR c/s I intended to avoid them.

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Orange English speaking helpline is 0969363900

That’s numberI have for them as well.

Proved very useful when initially setting up our landline in the local Orange shop as they were trying to sell us a Livebox and we knew we where too far from the exchange to use one.

Put the shop person on the line to the English speaking person and all was sorted in less than a minute.

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