Did your husband or wife leave you suddenly?

Evening campers! This is for a lovely magazine, my (lovely!) friend

Sam is looking to talk to a woman whose husband left her without any warning/ notice.
(or talk to a woman who left her husband without any notice).
Please PM me or Samantha Brick for more details.
Thanks xx

Very good, bob

I haven't left yet, but am seriously thinking about it, but i have nowhere to go and only 350 euros retirement pension to live on.

My husband won't give me a penny, sorry a euros.

There is a procedure called divorce but as I am 72 going 73 i will probably have popped my clogs before it is finished.

So is it worth all the trouble, I am asking myself.

I was the one that did the leaving. You only get one life. I don’t regret it for a minute.

Look for the fish.

My grand father left saying he was fetching cigarettes. Smoking IS dangerous.

Everyone is a bundle of larfs this morning...Thanks! :-)

Thank you, you're very kind

My second wife ran off with the guy that sold her a car. ..... God bless George Green!

haha, that is very funny Bob! :-)

Mine didn't leave suddenly enough.....

Does that count ?

easier to put something in his tea

I'd have taken this route if she hadn't left

Carol, i am in the same boat....we should swap stories

I left my French husband with our son who was barely six year old then. For him it was "sudden" but for me it was 8 years too late. I didn't regret leaving him but regret the way I did it.

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