Diesel and me in Germany

(Reija Feldmann) #1

Now we left France for two weeks. Nothing really important, but it had some consequences from the first moment.
We left our home in France - that was me and my father with two Land Rover Defenders. After 500 meters the motor of the 90 burst. It was a Samedy. We brought him to the next garage and went off.
(My mother is still there, she looks for him).
It took us 12 hours for 1.000 km. Everything was easy, the street was free.
Germany is nice, sun is shining, it is really cold! The city smells, it is loud, everybody is stressed, no parking… etc. We moved into a small flat on the fourth floor and everything arround us is grey. Even the beautifull autumn trees look very sad here.
On sunday we had a nice day out at the river Rhein, took a long walk and Diesel felt free and happy.
On Monday we had our first meeting with the “dog- and human- therapist” (she is a behavior therapist for dogs). She told me a lot about the differences between dogs and humans, the different senses and the different aspects of a good relationship. Very intristing.
I told you Diesel is affraid of vets?? - and someone told me to find a vet who is able to handle him (thats what she said too!).
In the aftrenoon I noticed Diesel has harmed oneself at the paw. It was bloody, but he walked normal.
I thought i would wait, he did not look very ill. In the evening he felt worse and I decided to look for a vet… i took the dog and my father to the vet, it was about 22.45 h. Diesel was freaked out, but we hold him… he had a fever, the paw was all right. Since this excursion he goes under the carpet…
But in an hour we will meet our therapist and her cute little dachshund. Maybe it will help his morale, corporal he looks good.