Diesel in a petrol chainsaw

OK OK I'm a numpty, just filled the chainsaw up with diesel, surprisingly it stopped working. Does anyone know if I just replace it with petrol will it be ok or do I have to strip it down and clean it out?

I know when we gets cars in at the garage wrongly filled (normally petrol in a diesel) they have to have the filters cleaned etc.

Happens to us all John although I haven't done that one! once i'd emptied the diesel out, i'd refill it with petrol, take the spark plug out and then turn it over until I could smell/see the petrol coming through to the cylinder. But I'm not a mechanic and must stress that ;-) the petrol should disolve what diesel is left in the system anyway shouldn't it? stick the plug back in once it's flushed and bob's your uncle... or wait for a garden machinery mechanic to give you some advice. sorry can't do any better than that!