Diesel in France - do you depend on it?

Interesting link… scroll down to find out which communes are mostly dependent on Diesel and therefore suffer more from the price-hikes…

There is an interactive map towards the bottom…

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Yes, we use diesel.
I still drive my Mercedes C220 estate which I bought in January 2007.
It is an extremely reliable car and the mileage is quite good on long journeys, which we don’t do very often I have to say.
It is an extremely comfortable workhorse.
We chose diesel on the advice of the UK government!


No i have never had or driven a diesel “Dreckschleuder”. Might as well buy a Massey ferguson. People buy them based purely on the litre price at the pump, not knowing the running ie servicing/parts costs are far higher than an equivalent petrol powered car. Diesel are only good if the engine can be kept at operating temperature for long periods of time and is driven 1000’s of klicks per year.

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Very interesting, you’re like a magpie at finding this little gems, only you don’t hide them.

In Sourdeval 65% diesel, 34% essence and a misérable 0,8% electric, though we’ve got several charging points in the Camper-Van park, and one in the Centre Ville.

That describes my diesel car.


My French diesel car (Renault Laguna) does 10 miles per week most weeks and 240 miles several times a year to pick up members of my family from Dinard airport and drop them back there for return flights to uk…

The onboard computer tells me I’m averaging 45 miles per litre (or maybe gallon I’m not sure…??? :slightly_smiling_face:)

Either way yes I’m dependent on diesel…

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I do about 400 kms a week plus 2500+ over a fortnight every 6 weeks.

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same here, Véro, around 400km a week plus it’s a business utilitaire so I don’t have the choice _ it has to be a diesel!

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Not as much as you two, but we do virtually no urban driving. So 12000km/year of long’ish journeys…do over 200km just going to the doctors.

Another change the world topic but for who? Edwina Curry said that eggs were bad for us but we still eat them and now it is diesel that is the enemy. Why did 8 track tapes change to compact disc and vinyl to CD,s ? Answer because there was money in it for manufacturers. No different with diesel as telling everyone it is bad for the planet gives the opportunity to replace it with something more expensive ie an electric or hybrid vehicle that costs a fortune.
I bought my first diesel powered vehicle in the 70,s and have had many since for both business and pleasure. Our current diesel is a Renault bought new 3 years ago and now has 30k on the clock and all done locally on French roads. The difference between UK and France is that here everywhere is much further apart so more kilometres to travel and diesel is ideal for that.
I hope that when I come to replace our current motor that diesels are still around as I would be the first in the queue to buy one.
Does everyone honestly believe that the so called targets to do away with diesel will be met? I don’t think so, change takes much longer.

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To be fair CDs usurped vinyl because they are much more convenient. Vinyl is, however, making something of a comeback.

8-track was an awful format and it’s no wonder that casette, and then CD replaced it.

Just because manufacturers can make a profit does not guarantee a product will be successful.

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Only use diesel in the tractor. Looking to see if I’m allowed to buy red diesel as the tractor is not registered for the road.
Had a diesel car some years back - horrendous wear on the front tyres, we had to change them much more frequently than any petrol car we’ve owned.
Current car is LPG but does, of course, use petrol to warm up.

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I do 1500 kms per week with a 2.5 litre Volvo turbo, all motorway driving, 36 mpg. Not bad considering it has over 510k on the clock and still pulls like a train. Regular maintenance keeps it all in check.

Red meat, eggs, bacon all bad for us for over 20 years. Now the white coat gods say it is healthy, oh and so is coffee now. In the words of BoJo “all humbug”, They just come up with new so called findings every couple of years to keep the funding going. In the words of Quality Management: " In god we trust, all others provide evidence".

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