Different Roundabouts in France

until folk started talking about indicators/blinkers… at roundabouts… I hadn’t really thought much about it… let alone realized there were different sorts of circles…

I think this one shows the line to take and when to indicate…



Hallelujah, at last a sensible diagram of what you are supposed to do and when.
That is what is taught to HGV drivers. The only difference is that they generaly have to keep on the right even when taking exits 2 and 3.

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I’ve not thought about it, merely followed signs etc… but it’s great to see it explained, as you say… hurrah.

Coming to France soon? This is our dutch roundabout in Cambridge.

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That’s good too, although I know the indicating is not advised in England, but I do approve of the lack of lanes. Too many accidents and near misses, especially with cars v large vehicles when you are allowed or encouraged to overtake. Cyclists separate too, typically Dutch. :smiley:

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When it comes to roundabouts, this one in Hemel Hempstead always gets a mention. I just wanted to get in first!

And I have actually had to drive round this nightmare in tarmac, daily visits to the g/f’s dad in hospital. Only 4 visits [8 goes on the r/bt] though. That’s how long ne lasted after the first warning call.

Here’s the bird’s eye view

Negotiating just one of the mini-roundabouts is bad enough

Ahh yes but then we have do we give way to the right or not (do people entering have priority over those already on the roundabout)? No one labelled what is a large roundabout and which is a small one as the priority changes as mentioned above.


the panels face you as you arrive at the roundabout/whatever…
quite clearly warns that You do NOT have priority… you give way until you are actually ON the roundabout… whatever…

if I’m getting this wrong… please correct me… it’s clearly explained in the video and folk would perhaps do best to watch and learn from that…


That looks horrific, how many has it killed so far?

Exactly how I drive. No French driver ever has been! Drives me buts!!

ok this is a slight thread drift… but… how on earth …???


No you aren’t and it is quite clear, the give way signs are for all to see on the joining roads. Give way to the right is the stupidest rule ever, but I always assume that others are not going to blindly obey it and drive accordingly. Between our 2 villages there are several minor roads joining the main one which all had priority over those coming from the left, the vast majority of whom never slackened speed never mind gave way, but they now all have Stop signs on them. Way to go and not soon enough for me.

BTW, there are a few exceptions to the general roundabouts rule, the most famous of all is the Arc de Triumph in Paris. Give way to the right still rules there. :roll_eyes: (At least it did when I was last there about 5 years ago I think.)


That looks horrific, how many has it killed so far?

It does look horrific from that angle but if you treat each one as a separate roundabout, and not as aberrations in one great big one, there should be no problem.

Dutch traffic accident stats are much better than France’s!


That’s because they’re all too stoned to drive,


That’s cos due to super high car taxes, all the Dutch are now on bikes …

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I have navigated that many times … not too bad if taken at careful speeds - better than the one in Swindon that is almost just a few bumps with arrows !

They don’t need cars, it’s all flat and about 12 times smaller than France!