Different types of Police

(Jane Williamson) #41

The neighbour who was shot by the gendarmerie helped us save our dog from our next door neighbour peasant farmers. Their attitude was it was cheaper to shoot her.
She is a border collie cross and a delight.
She would have been rehomed very easily and they would have the 100 euros reimbursed, but that was not in their mind set.
She had been tied up for two years since coming to nect door.

(John Scully) #42

One of my pals is a retired gendarme colonel, a lovely man and not scary at all. Every week he drives the little old ladies from the maison de retraite to the market in the commune minibus. They love him. The “scary” gendarmes are the ones on motorbikes and one doesn’t mess with those guys. The police are for town and the gendarmes for the countryside and the CRS for riots and manifestations. One dosn’t mess with the CRS either, or you end up like this :face_with_head_bandage:

(John Scully) #43

Some do, many have both. Lorgues (Pop < 9K), for example, has both but they are part time.

(John Scully) #44

Your command of Wikipedia is impressive Harry :wink:

(Helen Wright) #45

I hear dogs barking at night too and it’s a sad sound…if I have my back door open at night then mine tend to run outside and join in and I can tell from their bark whether it’s an emergency that needs my immediate attention or whether they are just responding and empathising with their fellow canines…I’ve not seen any displays of cruelty…the dogs I have encountered in my hamlet and surrounding villages and out walking are well cared for…but I do hear that cry across the stillness of the night and it makes me wonder…

(anon54681821) #46

your comments are so great you could be a troll? As I stated its something I did for my son and it was actually a list given to me as link direct from their own organisation for my son as he is very interested in them and wants to be on or a policeman. glad to see you read it all and the rest of the comments before deciding to reply though.

(anon54681821) #47

we also had a neighbour like that but they slept outside. howling and crying at night they now sleep in the barn but allot warmer and now neither me nor my neighbours are disturbed by them every night

(stella wood) #48

Oh Harry… for just a moment… I had a vision of the neighbour and his wife, sleeping outside… :rofl::grin::relaxed:

that’s me finished for the day… a quick howl… and I’m off to sleep

(anon54681821) #49

I do believe if hes not home before a certain hour he gets locked out too!!

(Dominic Best) #50

Harry please don’t call everyone who makes a comment that you don’t like a troll. It’s not the done thing.

(Dominic Best) #51

I went to visit some relations a couple of weeks ago and they had a man in his fifties staying with them who had first visited them, for a six month stay to improve his French, when he was a teenager many years ago. He looked out of the kitchen window across the garden and said,
“Where’s the hammock gone?”
The family members all burst out laughing but I couldn’t see the joke. Eventually they calmed down enough to explain that on his first visit he’d gone out with some new found friends and when he arrived home in the early hours he’d found the house locked, bolted with every shutter firmly closed. He spent the night in the hammock.
I spent a while talking with him and it was odd because I was sure I’d seen or heard of him somewhere else. Eventually I asked if I might have seen him on TV and he replied that if I’d seen a documentary on the missing airliner the MH370 I might well have as he was one of the experts in satellite tracking they’d featured on that. I had. It’s a small world.

(John Scully) #52

Actually Harry, I discovered the Wiki entry it when I was checking spelling for my post about my ex gendarme friend. There’s nothing wrong with sourcing it from Wiki so don’t be so touchy. BTW, I’ve been around here for years so careful who you call a “troll”.

(anon54681821) #53

i have not called anyone a troll, please re read it.

his comment to me was bait and i responded. if someone doesn’t want a response to a stupid rereply better to not make a stupid comment.

only the second time ive used the line “you could be a troll” other time was to a bloke who finds himself funny and tries to make out like hes joking to people he knows nothing about.

(anon54681821) #54

maybe try to word it better then is my advice, your post was very blunt and as i said my post under it also included why and I suppose i could always have uploaded his entire project from school on what he would like to do when grown up. plus i said “could be a troll.” i know one particular user else where who has been around since a group was formed and hes one of the biggest trolls around alas hes friends with the person who runs the group so gets away with it all the time so doesnt matter how long we have been around, it does not change who and what we are

(anon54681821) #55

plus most of the info i got was direct from here: https://www.gendarmerie.interieur.gouv.fr/cegn/Autres-pages/Ecoles/Ecole-des-officiers-de-la-gendarmerie-nationale-EOGN

I find that wiki often has errors and untruths on it that can often be misleading. Although looking at wiki it seems the ranks are taken direct from the national gendarmerie.

(Dominic Best) #56

I know exactly who you called a troll. Twice in a few days, terrible behaviour. For the record I was not making jokes about individual merely wordplay. Innocent fun.
Make that three, I see you are accusing yet another person.
If you give please be prepared to take n

(Jane Williamson) #57

John, whilst gendarmes might be pleasant out of uniform, when they are wearing it it can be quite different.
In Macon our friends went to protest against the closing of a class in the village school.
Two vans of gendarmes arrived to make sure that it didn’t turn into a riot!
The gendarmerie were created to control the civilian population, a job they take to heart.

(Timothy Cole) #58

‘you could be a troll’ or ‘I think you are a troll’ are not the same as saying ‘you are a troll’.

Playing with words is great fun but it MAY give the impression that one is a ‘muppet’. See what I did there.:grinning:

(anon54681821) #59

No Dommie often peoples first replies or what they push of as making a joke sets the tone for further comments and seemingly what they think is funny towards a random person who they know nothing about are seen as insulting or just rude. Its unfortunate that I have to ask “possibly a troll maybe?” But that is how I see it and others that have private messaged me so they don’t have to face the comments or not so witty retorts from said parties. After all if something someone says is not true don’t let it bother you, take a breath and move on and just dont respond to them. From working in metal health ive learnt a few things and while I may come across as annoyed or peeved its just how words sound it actually makes me sad that human being can feel the way they talk to others in the digital world what they see as trying to be funny is often seen as putting other down to make themselves fell better of to get a response from a person to get them a high as most of the people they interact with know very little about them personally yet they try to make it like they connect with said person. Hope you have a great day now

In an ideal world, trolls would be mythical creatures who live under bridges and in septic tanks. But in the real world, trolls walk among us, work alongside us, pop up in all our social media feeds, and haunt our neighborhoods. They are frightening, yes, but they are not all-powerful. You can, and must, defeat them.

Defend against them with magic. And by magic, I mean basic human kindness.

It’s far easier to prevent an insidious troll problem than to try to solve it later. So start helping before they start hurting. If a culture of kindness exists, a troll will have a harder time spewing rage. Trolls can’t win if their behavior is clearly out-of-step with those around them.

Is the trolling coming from inside the house?

Then it’s time to use your words. Trolls only succeed when no one stands up to them. So the best way to defeat a troll is by creating an environment of support and encouragement. They snark and whine, undermine and belittle. Counter that nonsense with loud, clear messages to the contrary.

Build up herd immunity. Inoculate! Inoculate! Inoculate!

The opposite of a troll is an anonymous benefactor. Trolls perform random acts of cruelty. Anonymous benefactors practice random acts of elevation. By working behind the scenes, you can protect yourself and your colleagues from troll attacks without drawing their ire. Spread supportive gossip. Go to HR with stories of wonderful teams. Build a bulwark of positivity so sturdy that that trolls can’t tear it down.

See what’s behind the troll mask. Hint: it’s a person.

When you get to the hear too the matter, trolls are people, too. If there’s a troll infestation in your building, find out why. Find the reasons. And then, undermine those reasons, too. Apply kindness directly to the troll early, often, and in very large quantities. Help the trolls solve their problems, and you can solve the problem of trolling. They need compliments, support, and anonymous benefactors just like everyone else.

(Dominic Best) #60

Did you know it’s also offensive to address somebody by another form of their name without their permission? My name is Dominic.
You have been out of order on this, you brag that you say it as it is but flinch at the slightest thing that you believe is an attack on you. I heard a great comedy programme on Radio 4 over the weekend that was based entirely on word play, it was brilliant, you would have hated it.
Ease off, your aggressive posts do you no favours.