Different types of Police

(John Scully) #61

Oh give it a break Harry.

(anon54681821) #62

not a fan of kit kats i prefer mars a day myself

(stella wood) #63

now that’s better… let’s have some humour… please

(anon54681821) #64

now that was a great tv show. Fozzie bear was defo my favorite although I much prefer spitting image.

(John Scully) #65

IMO this is a good description of the varied roles and responsibilities of the Gendarmerie Jane. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Gendarmerie

(anon54681821) #66

whats your favorite chocolate tipple Stella?

(anon54681821) #67

the french version is slightly better as the translation is slightly off on the english version

(stella wood) #68

Not allowed much… I’m under a “different type of policing” and too much sugar is “illegal” for me… I make my own brand of goodies with 90% dark chocolate… yummy :heart_eyes:

(anon54681821) #69

home made is the best kind.

(Dominic Best) #70

Wasn’t someone moaning about posters who went off topic?

(stella wood) #71

Dominic, you did mention a comedy you had enjoyed… and we’ve added a little comedy too. :relaxed:

(Timothy Cole) #72

Forgot about Topic, think you can still buy it.

(Dominic Best) #73

But Stella, it wasn’t me who worried about people going off topic or for that fact using humour in posts. Quite the opposite in fact. I’d better polish up my editing skills to ensure that my punctuation, syntax, spelling and choice of vocabulary is spot on.

(stella wood) #74

I would expect nothing less of you Dominic… :relaxed:

(anon54681821) #75

yes you can, did you know according to google it was incorporated in france!


(Jane Williamson) #76

Their organisation or history does not change the fact that I have not met one French person around my area who has a good word to say for them.

(stella wood) #77

An interesting link for those with time on their hands…


(Jane Williamson) #78

It is still what happens on the ground that counts.
I was falsely accused and my neighbour shot dead.
Small wonder that I didn’t not have kindly thoughts towards them.

(John Scully) #79

I’m sure that’s the case Harry, just Google searches on my iPad default to the English version of stuff.

(anon54681821) #80

yes had same issue when searching for my son,