Difficulty getting the online system to accept my filled in tax form

I have a question in relation to the online tax form, as I am having difficulty getting the online tax form system to accept my form once I get to the end of the process.

I live in France but the property I used to live in, in The UK is now rented out. Each calendar year I have been declaring the profit I make from it in Euros. I entered the amount of profit I made on the online form 9179 EUROS but at the end of the online form, it comes up in red ‘Anomalies a corriger’ ‘Le montant affiche en case 4BA de mon declaration priniciple corresponde au montant reporte de mon declaration no 2044’

If I try to remove the figure of 9179 EUROS in 4BA completely it then says I have another ‘Anomalies a corriger’ ‘432/4BL sans 4BA: Presence obligatoire de 4BB ou 4BC’. I dont understand this as there is no 'deficit imputable sur les revenus fonciers ’ (4BB) or ‘deficit imputable sur le revenu global’ (4BC) as I made a profit on the property in The UK in 2019.

So I re-entered the 9179 EUROS into 4BA and removed the same figure of 9179 EUROS from 4BL as I am already being assessed by the HMRC in The UK every year on my earnings from my UK property and do not wish to have double taxation because there is an agreement in place between the UK and France. I felt I could try to remove the equivalent tax credit claim of 9179 EUROS placed in 4BL because I have already declared in 8TK that I have ‘revenus de source etrangere, ouvrant droit a un credit d’impot egal a l’impot francais’ but then on the final page of the online tax return it tells me that I still have a ‘Anomalies a corriger’, the same one as I mentioned at the start of the email ‘Le montant affiche en case 4BA de mon declaration priniciple corresponde au montant reporte de mon declaration no 2044’.

I have written (through secure messaging on the tax website) to the SIP in Menton about the difficulties I am having submitting my form on the 21st and 25th May, but still no answer from them. If you ring it cuts off or no one answers, Do you have any thoughts about what I could be doing wrong? Thanks.

Did you read through the guidance posted elsewhere on SF?

Hello Graham. Thanks for your reply. Its the first time I have read this post from the SF. I will use the ‘HELP TAX FORM 2020’ part to check if I have entered a value for all those fields on the form/s later today. I know from memory that form 2047 I have completed and field 8TK also, but will need to log in an go through it.

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I went through the online tax form this evening. I honestly did not change anything that was not there before and just went through page by page. By the time I got to the end, this time it said no errors and allowed me to submit it. Strange how it went through this time and the other 4 times I have tried over the past 2 weeks it has not!