Dinde pour Noel!

(Allison Feeley) #1

Does anyone know how much I should be paying per kilo for a reasonable sized fresh turkey this Christmas.

I do not seem to be able to find anything much over 3kg.

(Ian Cowburn) #2

We've got a gammon for 20 waiting for us in Lyon from Boucherie André at Rillieux, pre-ordered. Start tomorrow on the boiling then wednesday with the roasting :)

And I have a ton of roasted taties to spit out :)

(Jane Williamson) #3

It is 9.99 per kg in ATAC for a black turkey, but they are so small because Christmas is only the one day here in France.

You can almost buy a bigger capon, but again expensive.

(Andrew Lavender) #4

Oops just twigged I’m about two years late answering this question, but hey.

(Andrew Lavender) #5

I’m selling turkeys at 14.50 euro per kg, weights from 4kg to 8kg. Yep, more expensive than a British supermarket but reared completely outdoors (save the first few weeks in our kitchen hatching, mind), fed on certified organic crumb, slaughtered humanely by a chap w CE certification. Norfolk blacks. 71260 Cruzille. 0678276703. At time of posting I do have some left!

(Allison Feeley) #6

For our first Christmas here in France we bought a capon, but found it too fatty, last year I smuggled a turkey crown back from the UK in my suitcase but this year decided to buy local if I could find something big enough at a reasonable price. After much discussion yesterday evening as to what to do about the forthcoming Christmas lunch at a reasonable price, I decided to go to the market in our local town and see what was on offer. The supermarkets had sparrows at 10.90€/kg that wouldnt feed the hoards of hungry visitors over the Christmas break and cooking 3 chickens was not an option.

On arriving and jostling for a parking space, the make-shift tent in the village square housed small groups of farmers all trying to sell their wares. After much negotiation and hand gesticulations I finally came away with a live black turkey that weighed 9kg and cost of 45€. Its legs were tied together and it looked very sad, but I tried not to get sentimental and did not look into its eyes as I was worried that I would give it a reprieve and it would end up being a pet! I placed it in the boot of the car on a bag and drove quickly to a neighbour while the thing was squawking and flapping in the back. On asking for help they mobilised themselves with a knife, a bag and a wheelbarrow and went outside to find a tree to hang it from.

Sadly, it met its demise less than 5 minutes later, was then plunged into hot water for 30 seconds to make it easy to pluck, then plucked, gutted and washed ready to go in the freezer for a few days. All over in less than 30 minutes, you can't get fresher than that. Therefore, if you want turkey for Christmas here in France at a reasonable price, are not squeemish and know a farmer or neighbour who can do the deed, go for live everytime.

Good Luck and Bonnes Fetes!

(Allison Feeley) #7

Thanks Tracy, unfortunately I have to bite the bullet this Christmas as I have family coming and all want Turkey for Lunch. Thought I might go to the market in the morning and see what is on offer there, don't fancy killing and plucking it myself though!

(Tracy Thurling) #8

Hi Allison, turkeys are tiny over here and hugely expensive. I seem to think that the last one we bought was about 25 euros for a measly specimen that did Christmas Dinner, a sandwich and a soup for a small family of four. Randomly, probably about 12 euros a kilo, so a 3kg is about 36 euros. Every year my husband says 'never again, it's too expensive'!