Direct Funerals

Has anyone experienced a direct funeral in France where there is no service just a cremation with maybe a memorial afterwards?

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Once you have given your full name… I will be pleased to talk you through my own experiences with Cremation… which I have helped supervise on 3 occasions already.


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I haven’t experienced one personally but I know they are not uncommon in France Any funeral director will be familiar with the procedure. Here’s a link which you may find useful

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I have, sadly, been to one - a work colleague who died suddenly and all too young. He was married to a French lady, and this is what she chose, which may have been due to money constraints, or perhaps just what she wished, cannot say.

The body lay at the undertakers for a day or so beforehand, where you could visit. I chose not to visit him as I knew that would upset me immensely.

We went to the crematorium and filed into their ‘chapel’. The funeral director (?) asked if anyone wanted to say a few words. This was greeted by a stunned silence as no-one seemed to have anticipated this. His sister then stood up. She was the only one who spoke. Not being a family member, and not knowing the format, I said nothing, but wish now that I had been prepared as I would have spoken of this mild mannered and generous mountain of a man…

There was the possibility to play music, and 'Streets of London ’ was played, sort of on a loop. Moving at the best of times, but all so incredibly sad, and after a few repetitions I just wanted to switch it off.

Some more silence, then the coffin went off to be cremated and that was the end of the event.

I am sure that with some knowledge of what actually happens at the cremate article you, a thoughtful and fitting cremation could be arranged.

I hope this has been helpful, and hope you are OK, as presumably you are asking for the funeral of someone close.