DIRT tax

Anyone got any advice on whether this is payable when you are tax resident in France? By tax resident, I mean that I have registered as AE here, and wonder if I can claim an exemption from DIRT tax.

Any advice or suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks again Michael. I contacted AIB who told me to speak to Revenue. I contacted Revenue who told me to speak to AIB!! Plus ca change! Anyway, finally got through to someone in AIB who SEEMED to know that they were talking about, and apparently, a form is being sent to me for completion and return, and I should then get the DIRT repayed. Revenue said there might be a refund due to me of €39! Hahaha. Still, they will pay it into the AIB account, and that will get us a couple of boxes of very nice wine. :-)

If you have accounts with a French postal address it should help your cause. The problem is declaring the Irish accounts to the tax authorities here in France. It is easier (as I said before) if you only deal with the bank and not the Revenue. Best of luck with AIB.

Thanks Elaine and Michael. I currently have a current account plus a sum on long term deposit with AIB, so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and try and phone the branch and see what their position is.

From what I understand from someone elses experience, once you don't have a bank account with an address in Ireland or a postal address you can declare yourself as non-resident. However forms from the Revenue Commissioners have to be filled in and sent to your bank. If DIRT tax has been deducted already it can be reclaimed but the Revenue make it difficult and ask a lot of information. If the tax has not been deducted yet, ie savings/bonds not yet matured or encashed the bank should accept your declaration without a lot of hassle. Firstly I would ask your bank for a form or look at the Revenue website where you can download a DIRT Non resident declaration form. You will probably be asked for your Irish PPS no. Hope this helps.

You mean DIRT at home (in Ireland)? On Irish interests?

I really wouldn’t know but imagine if you still have certain interests at home, you have to pay DIRT on what you make through the Irish system?

I will be interested to see what comes of this too