Disabled parking badge - update 2018

Good afternoon everyone

My husbands blue badge is about to expire and we need to renew it. We have no idea how to go about this and the paperwork we received when it was issued is no help at all.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Many thanks.

In case anyone is interested we finally got around to filling in the forms in November (after getting the doctor to fill the medical form) and we received the carte de stationnement and carte d'invalidite over Christmas. The new cartes are valid for 10 years instead of 5 and therefore have an expiry date of 2024. Good news for a change. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this issue.

Hi Pauline

Thanks very much for your reply.

We have our copy of this enormous form from when we first applied 5 years ago. As the badge is about to expire we just need to renew it. Unfortunately it seems we have to complete this same form all over again and provide the same documents that they already have. This seems to be the theme in France for paperwork!!! RSI must have at least 7 copies of our passports!

I also recall that it took several months to receive our badge (carte de stationnement) and the carte d'invalidite. Therefore, I doubt that you will hear anything for at least 3 months.

Thanks again for taking the time to help.

Apologies for rather rushed reply above - I was going to be late for my kino. Yes, the european parking card is effectively the same as the old blue badge. That link leads you to a page that describes the card, who is entitled to it, what paperwork you need, where you send the application, how you use the card. It begins:

The european parking card permits its holder or the person who accompanies them to park in places reserved for people with handicaps.

Lower down it says

The card must be located in a visible place inside the vehicle used for transport by the handicapped person, behind the windscreen, in such a way that it can be seen easily by traffic wardens. It is linked to the person and not the car; therefore it must be taken out when the handicapped person is not using the vehicle any more.

You can download the application form CERFA 13788 from this page. You will nead Adobe Reader to use it as a "smart" form which does a lot of the work for you, otherwise you can just fill it in using the usual black ink. Completing your address is quite fun - copy what is on your tax foncière or income tax form and that should work. I filled in sections A, A2 (A6 to A9 are not mandatory for a parking permit) B (the free form sheet mentioned by Helen above), E, K and the declaration/signature bit. You can also download the form CERFA 13878 from the link above for your doctor to complete, although if you haven't done that your doctor will probably have a copy, or download one for you.

I handed in my dossier at our village Relais de Services Publics where the assistant checked it and (I trust) sent it off to the appropriate place. I should have asked how long it would take to process the dossier! It's only been 2 weeks. I'll let you know when anything happens.

It's now the carte européenne de stationnement and you can apply for it on line here http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F2891.xhtml#formulaire-contacts. It's one mammoth form for all sorts of things. I took it to my local service-public presence or you can post it to your local Maison des Handicapés. As well as the doctor's form you need to supply proof of residence (utility bill), proof of who you are (passport) and a passport style photo. Still waiting for mine.

Thank you both for responding. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. We had a lightning strike on the telegraph pole outside our house and it killed our Livebox so we were without internet for several days while we had the Livebox replaced. Anyway, we got the blue badge and Carte d'Invalidite in France not the UK so we know the procedure for applying for them the first time around. It seems we just have to repeat the process which is what we are doing. I will let you know the outcome.

Go to your local CCAS, they usually have the necessary forms. You will need to get your Dr. to sign and confirm your level of disability. This is all sent then to your local office and you will get your new badge and card within 3 months. Thats how it works in 06 at least. All ways prepare all your documentation at least two months in advance when you are renewing any thing in France.

I am assuming you got your first one in the UK??

If so, it may be an idea to include a photocopy of that, plus any documentation with that.

I have to say it was very easy to do!

I think in the first instance its a good idea to give the Maison Des Handicappes in your Dept first.

They may well send you a reminder - I get one via my GP for my 100 ALD certificate.

They were very helpful all round, but a mass photocopy session would not be a bad place to start!!!!

Hello Helen

Thanks for replying. We got the blue badge the same way as you as well as the Carte d'Invalidite. As they are now up for renewal after 5 years we need to know the procedure for this. I'm just assuming we have to fill the same forms and provide the same information as last time. Once again I will be photocopying a passport, EDF bill, tax form etc etc. Think I'm just going to do a mass copying session of all our documents as we seem to have to provide the same ones over and over again to all sorts of organisations.

You're right the blue badge is a standard EU document. My brother has exactly the same thing in the UK.

Have a great day!

I received mine through the Maison des Handicappes 79 (that's our dept number)

I assume that where you received yours?

Mine was a first time round application few years ago, and was quite easy.

There was a basic application form, a medical form for the doctor to fill in and stamp, numerous papers with info on it - lots if it didn't apply to me so I just ignored it, plus a blank piece of paper that allowed me to write something in support of the application - this last bit is not compulsory, so that's not essential to the process - I would go to your GP in the first instance - I am sure he / she has seen lots of these forms and they will no doubt be happy to help.

You can apply for a CARTE d' Invalidite which is useful in public place - for example if you needed to queue for ages to get into a museum, dedicated check outs at the supermarket etc.

There is no extra info for this - I think you just had to tick a box to confirm you wanted one.

Hope this helps!

Not all depts will issue this in the exact same way, but it will be along the same lines, as the card (blue badge) is a standard, international thing......

Is this new version available in France… does anyone know… ???

It is an EU document Stella. I think the question is really will it be available in the UK post-brexit (probably not).

Aha… … I could see the EU logo, but I did not know if it had been adopted already in France. :thinking: It seems like a good idea…