Discount websites for electric oven

Does anyone have experience of buying from the website cdiscount? I need a new oven and they seem cheap. Maybe too cheap?

My French partner had a bad experience with buying something from them a few years ago.

Have a look at this link and see if there is one near you, they have a lot of stock and you can actually see what you are getting for your money. :wink:

Also try Conforama, they have a website with special offers and you can arrange delivery to your local store :slight_smile:

We’ve bought electrical goods from Darty with good experience. They deliver and install.
We bought a fridge freezer off them a couple of years ago which failed within warranty. The marque had been discontinued so they were unable to replace like for like but provided a new one of similar marque and price which we continue to enjoy.

Darty were quick to come out and repair our washing machine when it failed within warranty too.

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I’ve had a good experience with Darty as well.

However, my advice would be to have a look around some big supermarkets. I’ve bought electrical goods from Casino and Carrefour at good prices. It’s also a lot easier to get after sales service (if needed) if you can walk into the shop where you bought it and speak to someone face to face.

In our experience all the stuff we have purchased from Cdiscount has been perfect.
TV`s , chainsaws, ride-on mower lift, electric oven and induction top, gas/electric cooker, microwave oven, custom toilet seat,
crystal wall lights, cordless vacuum, X96 mini, house phones, batteries mobile, gas pipe, etc.

No probs with any of them, and the webpage assistants speak english for advice.
Cdiscount are agents for suppliers and obtain serious discounts from them to pass on to us buyers.
I spoke by email to a chinese seller who told me that he could purchase items sold in China cheaper from cdiscount than he could.

Thank you Ann, Graham, Chris, Mandy and Patricia for all your advice. Plenty to ponder on!

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Darty give the best after sales servce in France.
I had a very bad experience with c discount and they still owe me money.

How what did they say?

You can’t get a reply.

I would not accept that, there is a chat line that can advise you.