Discovering Sud-Gironde - Bazas

Always a great deal to see and do throughout the day with, of course, the obligatory long lazy lunch to taste the local produce. If you haven’t visited this lovely town before this is a great introduction to the people and their culture. Thoroughly recommended. (Not for Vegans though)

Thursday before Mardi Gras every year this is a splendid sight.

It was too warm to really enjoy the festivities on Saturday but we are really looking forward to, what for us, is the highlight of the Bazas year - The Rétro Mobile du Bazadais on Sunday the 28th July. With over 1200 classic and vintage cars on show as well as 400 plus motorcycles it is an enthusiast’s dream. A day really isn’t enough time to enjoy the spectacular sights and sounds as well as squeeze in a fantastic lunch at one of the many fine restaurants in and around the Cathedral Square - But we will give it our best shot. Highly recommended.