When we were in the uk we used Safe 4 its a sterilisation fluid and can be diluted up to 50 to 1 we used it mainly for worktops, dogs bowls, beding also washing down the outside area the dogs use, it comes in apple, citroen or neutral and is safe for animals while still wet they also do a hand sanitiser and odour killer, i brought 25 litres £140 with me when we came to France almost 3 years ago almost out now it works out at £1 a week i am looking for the same or very similar product if all else fails then i will order from the uk better still if i go over i intend to bring as much as possible back , what do others use

Thanks very much for the details Lynn, I'll be ordering some!

We are in the Tarn we nip over to the Gers to see Brent and pick up our beef, Looking at the DEFRA site Anigene doesnt do what i need as we have Poultry Goats and dogs Safe 4 covers all those avian flu TB they have even told me i could bath the goats in it, dont think i want to try that one bathing an OES is bad enough at least they understand the command to stand, i am planed to go back probably Sep or Oct if it doesnt come off i would be thankful for a 25 litr tub


As far as I know Sandy, dettol doesn't kills the animal bacterias or viruses??

We buy direct from Medimark, have a look here www.medi-mark.com or telephone +44 (0) 8452 22 33 44

If you need smaller quantities, I think you can buy it on Amazon!!


it comes in lavender, lemon, apple and unfragranced. Not cheap but well worth the money!

Could you tell me where you buy the Anigene please Lynn?

We have researched many John and by far the most efficient we have found for animals is Anigene by Medimark.

We have used french products such as Saniterpen which seem extremely harsh and don't seem as efficient or effective.