Disneyparis - buy tickets from the UK or French website?

My son, partner and our grandchildren want to visit Disneyparis next Easter and we plan to travel up from SW France to join them for a 3 day/2 night visit. I've recently read somewhere on a French website/group, (but now for the life of me when I need to know, cant remember where....!) that French people fair better than English people for the ticket prices at Disneyparis. If that is the case, then it would be more beneficial to book it here in France. Has anyone had any experience of buying tickets on either the UK or French websites please? I looked at the dates on the .fr site and the calendar only appeared to go up to the end of March 2015, whereas the .uk site covered the whole of 2015! Is there a special place to go to get 'deals' or 'discounts' does anyone know? Its outrageously expensive anyway (close to Easter, but having to abide with English Law and school term times......), an opportunity to find a good deal would be fantastic. Hoping a SFN member might have some knowledge/experience on the best way to approach this. Many thanks in advance.

I took my whole family a few years ago we found a cheapish hotel outside the park on a B & B basis which was over half the price of those inside. We loaded our ourselves up at breakfast with some extra rolls etc so we did not have to buy lunch. Cheeky I know but everybody was doing it. You could which would be cheaper stay in the budget hotels. We bought park tickets through a UK agent and got a good deal with the kids getting in free. As for the comment about they discriminate against disable I did not find this my grandson has downs,we got a letter from our doctor to this fact took it to admin in the park he and 1 adult got priority on EVERY RIDE he never once had to join the long queues. Yes it was still quite expensive evening meal best away from park.but a great trip enjoyed by all

Please don't go there. They appear to be guilty of discrimination against handicapped people

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