Disposal of clutter

It may or may not be. I once put the pieces of a broken plastic chair into the recycle and the driver threw it out and left it on the road. When I complained I was told it was ‘the wong kind of plastic’. As if I should know one from the other. :roll_eyes:

All plastic is marked and in Stroud we only used to recycle 1 and 2.
We cannot understand why here in France they did not do that rather than the complicated explanation of which type of container was acceptable.
Now, they take all plastic.

I contacted the local Emmaus recently after deciding to get rid of some bookcases, an old very heavy bahut, loads of books , crockery, shelves, clothes etc. They came with a van and very efficiently loaded it all inside. Painless désencombrement !


I couldn’t possibly do that, far too painful, even to contemplate. :slightly_frowning_face: :rofl:

I know what you mean David. I am a hoarder and I squirrel stuff away thinking that it will “come in” later. But after more than 20 years, I felt capable of parting with certain things. I’ve been contemplating it for a while - too much stuff. And I was finding the contemplation itself painful! It was a huge relief when at least some of the stuff had gone. OH is all for throwing stuff away, but I persuaded him that Emmaus appreciates such donations.

We have a friend who throws anything not usable in the next 5 minutes, we have a lovely set of wooden chopping boards and a full set of 5 fold up outside chairs from them. All in constant use here.

But I also have 2 freezers, 2 fridge freezers, 2 washing machines, a short bath and a gas cooker. Non are in the way or even in offensive sight and all may well have a use sooner or later. One of the freezers I have mentioned before, at the moment it is ‘resting’, but has had at least 3 previous lives of usefulness, not including its original life as someone’s …err, freezer. :rofl:

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