Disposal of clutter

Hi all, we have a cottage near Chalus (87230) and are wondering if there are any restrictions on how many times and what you can take to the tip. Whilst we are not ready to sell yet we want to have a clear out of all the clutter that has accumulated over the last ten years. Or if there are companies that will take it away correctly and not just dump it like we have had done to us in the UK.

Check the website of your local SMICTOM

In our area you need a card to use the decheterie. You are allowed 20 visits per year and believe we can carry over 5 more if unused from previous year.

Pour info

We have the card and have used it a few times a year over the last 10 years for odds and ends and garden waste etc.

My local one has entry by card whereby the vehicle is weighed and recorded, you then tip your rubbish accordingly and onthe way out are weighed again and a ticket arrives with the recorded weight of rubbish disposed. There is a max weight allowance for use within three months at a time.

Please do NOT consign it to landfill. Almost everything can be recycled / upcycled. Try donnons.org or find an association in your area that will recycle your clutter.


Is it rubbish? Or just stuff you no longer want? If the latter, then don’t take it to the decheterie, find your nearest charity organisations that sell (and raise money) and distribute/furnish people’s accommodation who otherwise would be homeless. I give to Emmaus all the time. Other alternatives are St Vincent de Paul, Croix- Rouge, and local churches. We’ve also spoken to our neighbours, asking “if they know anyone who would …” That’s how we got rid of all the old concrete tiles from our pool surround.
We use the decheterie basically for garden clear-outs and complete rubbish. otherwise everything else has found a new home. :slight_smile:

Sorry @cat - just realised, you’ve already suggested this.


Almost anything can be recycled… or found a good home… it just needs a littke thought and patience…

Plus, there are more than likely some local charities which are happy to accept stuff, so other folk can benefit…
and a Dog/Cat refuge will be grateful for unwanted bedding/blankets etc…

Please only take the absolute minimum to the tip…

EDIT: Ooops… we are all coming up with similar ideas… ah well, just shows they’re good ideas :wink: :wink: :+1: :+1:


Syded do 20 visits or 10m3 of garden waste per year (I think?) but aside from that I’m not aware of any limits. I’ve used several different tips under the SYDED association and they’ve all been good. After what others on here say about their providers, I’ve always found SYDED to be very easygoing and chilled, they’ve got more strict about checking what’s in the bins from last year, but given they are, as I say, not difficult in the waste sites, and the recycling is pretty straightforward took there really is no need to put much in the bin anyway, although I’m getting off of what you actually wanted.
Their website is useful

My recycling asso are even happy to take the string from my hay bales. One man’s trash and all that!


The recyclerie here is fabulous, they take things like broken bikes and appliances and fix them up and sell them either ante or post fixing up. All sorts of things.
They have anything you could imagine. I took stuff there to give them and came away with some fantastic old Madeleine baking trays, cost me a royal 50c


There is no intention to throw anything away that can be of use to anyone it is just empty paint tins old bags of cement that have gone hard. all are welcome to anything that is salvageable


We’re at opposite ends of Haute Vienne, but our Ressourcerie Maximum are actually based at one of the main waste sires, in fact I think/ assume they operate the site for SYDED and run the encombrants service for them too, so perhaps you could do ‘double duty’ and see whether any site local to you has something similar so the paint tins can go, and the stuff that can be recycled/ upcyclec/ reused in some fashion (and hasn’t already gone to a good home otherwise) can go at the same time.

I would have thought that old paint tins, being metal, can go in the recycling bags. Certainly round here, only half an hour from you but in 24, they would go in with paper, and plastic.

I must say that I am surprised that there are restrictions on visits to dechetteries, surely they should welcome people to use them rather than fly-tipping? I have only been once to my local one in the next commune in 10 years, to dump a knackered old TV. The man took it without question without even asking where I was from.

Everything else, that doesn’t qualify for the weekly collections, I keep and re-use myself, sometimes several years later.

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Perhaps there is a limit to stop professionals from using it.

Professionals have to register (should register)

Yes, we used to have to pay for gravats etc at the déchetterie when we had the business, we would then get an invoice from the Trésor Public but it was very little to be honest and we did not mind

In our area 62 you can organise large items to be collected by the mairie committee or they will put you in contact of the equivalent of the local “Rag n bone man” that the uk used to have. The local déchèterie can provide a skip too but i don’t know the charges. We don’t have cards to visit our déchèterie but they ask what village you come from if they don’t know you.

We have a pvc picket fence to get rid of. I shall keep the aluminium frames but not the pvc. I was thinking of putting it into the yellow recycling bags but is it recyclical?