Disposing of full house contents

We are selling our house originally with the contents, a buyer has advised us that they do not need the contents, is there a charity etc that would clear the house we do not want it cherry picked but it would do someone a good turn I think,

People might be better able to advise if you give an idea of location, in case there are local places.

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If you have a local Emmaus they’d be worth a try.


Emmaüs, Secours Populaire, Secours Catholique, Croix Rouge.


They did lots of good work around here after the October 2018 floods, working with local government to coordinate flood relief efforts. This was just two weeks after we moved into the area. We have a Secours Catholique charity shop locally, which always gets anything we have that we don’t need and they can use.


In the UK there’s an issue with upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs etc. and bedding) - charities often won’t take them unless they have a fire safety label, as fire regulations prevent them from reselling them - which rules out antique stuff.

When I needed to sell my flat in the UK quite quickly in order to move to Turks & Caicos, I ended up having to pay someone to take my sofa and bed to the dump as charities wouldn’t accept them.

Don’t know if that applies in France but it’s worth checking!

It all depends who’s running them. Our local one has loads of stuff in store which they don’t seem to be doing anything with.

We had a load of furniture and all sorts left by the previous owners.
Called on Emmaeus Angouleme, they organized a pickup of a unwanted items.
3 vans 8 guys - half a day.

It’s near Chalus 87230

No, they take anything and everything here. No one cares about health and safety stuff, only getting something for nothing or cheap.

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The three piece has the correct labels for fire safety

There is a fairly big Emmaeus in Ruffec, they were part of the pick up team coming to ours in 16150.
Worth calling them…

Hi Anthony,
I’ve sent you a PM earlier today,

The Reclamation Yard at Confolens may well purchase your house contents: