Distracted Driving, do you do it?

The number of drivers I see on the roads committing one or more of these offences is astounding. Most recently I saw a young kid, maybe 15 years old on a motorbike with the number plate hanging of it. He overtook the car in front of him on a bend whilst texting. He even had a passenger, I kid you not.

I do occasionally check my email whilst at the lights and mess with the GPS. Are you guilty of any of these offences, or are you all squeaky clean drivers?!

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Oh, only now I geddit! So, I paid the penilety for being so clever!

I thought it was a clever pun mate! Although I have to admit that me griping ain't what it woz.

Even though corerect ain’t correct, David! You’re like me…my typing finger works independently of my brain!


Wasn’t it someone out of Eastenders pleasuring the driver’s gearstick?

I seem to remember that there was a court case involving a driver on the M25 and an actress, but my memory fades..............

What is more exciting then rolling a cig while driving?

Timely. I just came back from physio. Coming along the main through road in Lalinde, a young guy on a scooter shot out of a side road across into the one opposite in front of me. I doubt that there would have been more that 20cm spare by the time he was 'safe'. He had no helmet either. Somebody opening up a shop saw it but when I said (I stopped for a few seconds) something about it, she shrugged and said that 'they' are always doing it as if it was OK. So public attitude does not help if that is representative...

As for me. No, I do not answer my phone or make calls, they can wait. I listen to GPS rather than watch it. I do not eat or drink either. Even when I was a 60 a day man, I never smoked in a car. I am quite happy to chat with passengers but ask them to stop brandishing arms in front of my rear view mirror. But no, I am not a goodie-goodie, I drive fast and hard - breaking limits everywhere bar where I see 70 and downward limits. Distractions kill, too many people I know have been hurt and killed in road accidents, some of which they have caused. Life is too precious. Sermon over!

I occasionally get calls to the bilingual helpline when I am in the car and fortunately my GPS has a hands free Bluetooth link to the phone, so I can drive and talk and eat my motorway sandwich and drink my orange juice, in perfect safety. Isn't technology wonderful?

wasn't the circus in Thones, that's fer sure.

AMAZING! Did you see that at the circus? I don't think I have ever seen a frog in a car, never mind driving one, and certainly not with a mobile phone or a ciggy!! :-)

why wasnt picking your nose not on the list ?

not that i would ever do that !

it really annoys me to see a frog on a mobile whilst driving , lets face it they cant drive well at the best of times so factor in a mobile , a ciggy and one arm swinging outside down the door for some kind of cool effect and you have an accident waiting to happen.

one of my French pals said and i quote "when the Frenchman / woman gets in the car they must first remove the brain before closing the door"

Have to admit to putting on a bit of lippy and perfume just before I arrive anywhere....

Lol, Lucy, reminds me of when the circus is in town here in Thones... We always know, because on the straight long stretch leading into Thones, the traffic moves at a snails pace, and just after passing the circus, it picks up pace again.... gawkers, open mouthed, hoping to catch a glimpse of a camel.

I remember being in the car with my mother driving along the Kings Road, (heading away from Sloane Square) and the traffic was HIDEOUSLY slow. When we got to the end of the road, the reason became evident. In the shop window dead ahead, because the road turned, there was a shop assistant wearing a very short skirt setting up the window display! Once past that the traffic flowed freely again!! :-)

I find my life a whole lot better since I stopped using my mobile phone virtually at all after I retired. I certainly never use it when actually mobile anymore. I don't really get the eating/drinking thing since I think that a certain amount of say sweet eating can help prevent drowsiness and you can in my opinion grab a quick drink provided the set up is good. Fumbling around is of course not on. In the past i think like many I was guilty of things that were done in the dark ages. In fact I can say I was once driving my rag top through Parlaiment Square in the sixties and was distracted by the sight of a delightful girl walking on the pavement. Thwack! Radiator smashed and great amusement all round. It was obviously her fault as it was the era of the miniskirt! It simply wouldn't have happened in Tehran praise the Prophet.

I took a course run by the Gloucestershire Constabulary and I am very aware whilst I am driving. You have to be round our lanes, you always have to drive for everyone else.

Couldn't agree more....

Rolling a fag is impossible though..;o))