Distributor / timing belt issue

6 years ago I bought a 2001 Peugeot 307 with 75,000 km for 4000 Euros. It has been a work horse and has been very reliable and inexpensive to drive. The car now has 135,000 km and I have been advised by the garage to change the timing belt / that controls many things including the water pump.

Has anyone had a problem with their timing belt. I have driven cars for years and in the absence of hard evidence think the whole thing is a scare tactic.

What engine is it?

My Control Technique is due in June. I will determine what else must be done and if it is not too expensive then perhaps I will do the Timing Belt. The garage wants 500 euros to change the belt. I am not prepared to spend that kind on money on a car that is 15 years old that I drive back and forth to the fitness club 7 km each way at least not yet. If it were my bicycle I would spend whatever it took.

Sounds like is well overdue. Should be every 100,000km.

They do break and will bend your valves.

I just changed mine on a Partner 1.9 diesel engine, second time on this car which is 175,000mls I didn't change the rollers this time. Cost £18.a lot cheaper than a new head.