DIY Camping in/near Lacanau?

Hi… hoping someone can help!

UK friends want to visit the west coast (north of Bordeaux) next summer for a bit of surfing. Lacanau is looking favourite at the moment but won’t be confirmed until they have checked the surf is not too big for their level of expertise.

They’re looking for a good campsite but can’t find anywhere that they can take their own tents/equipment rather than have to hire it on site.

Can anybody recommend a good place, ideally with a website that I can direct them to?

Many thanks


Roger, David... Many thanks for your replies. I posted this a long time ago and I'd completely forgotten about it! I'll pass on the info though. :-]

Try this.

Chrissie - I think this is what you are looking for -- -- It's in Lacanau-Ocean (Lacanau is 12kms from the coast). I know Lacanau-Ocean quite well but I've never been camping there so you now know as much about the place as me (apart from the fact that I've driven past it).


Thanks Julie… I’d forgotten the ‘a la ferme’ magic words. I’ve passed it on. :slight_smile: