DIY French Wills

It seems our Notaire is not going to get around to writing full wills for us, having done basic “leave it to survivor” wills pro tem.
In the UK one has for decades been able to make wills oneself; has anyone come across any paper or PC-based products for creating French wills? (We have NO children or other close relatives to whom we would leave the bulk of our estates should we both die.)
Many thanks.

You make a 'testament olographe ’ if you google it you will have lots of examples and ‘modèles’ popping up. Follow the rules carefully, though.

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Hi we asked our Notaire in November last year to come up with new wills incorporating the use of English Law on Wills. (You can’t disinherit your children in France). To date, no response or will from him and now that Brexit has happened we are not over bothered to chase him up. Just wasted our time really going through what we wanted with him. The new law that allowed you to utilise your native country law on succession was an EU law. Given Brexit vote, we think that perhaps it won’t matter anyway as they will no longer be part of the EU unless Mrs May allows that bit of law to be enshrined into UK law. So in the meantime we are going to write our own wills and wishes down and try as best we can to ensure our wishes are adhered to. I will take a look at the testament olographe it sounds interesting.

Thanks Véronique, I shall have a good look at that.

my local Notaire told me to just write down the testament which they would keep on file and have registered with the state when I die, Since I don’t have any children and my husband died a couple of years ago, this seemed an easy way to go about it. I have an extra copy on file at my bank which carries my “death” insurance policy. between the 2 , they should be able to figure it out if I get hit by a bus anytime soon, My husband died intestate which aside from the usual french paperwork was very straight forward. As his wife, all assets went to me since no children were involved,