DNA testing - genealogy etc

Anyone gone in for this sort of thing. Part of me would love to identify relatives from way back when… part of me is not so sure… :upside_down_face:

Not something I would go for personally - not for the reason that it sometimes lets skeletons out of closets but it certainly has the power to do that.

Did you know that, in the 'States, criminals have been found because the authorities approached private DNA testing firms to ask for matches to relatives and then worked that back to find the individual they were looking for - effective but a moral quagmire.

This is, I think, a good story about finding oddities in the family tree, but it’s easy to see how it might go wrong and cause a lot of pain and anguish as long-buried secrets are brought out into the open.

I know people who have done this and it’s not as accurate as the adverts say, they were very disappointed

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Yes - I was tempted to try this so read up a little about it - and found that for most people it’s meaningless, for a whole range of reasons - among those I recall off-hand were:
the apparently odd mixture of genetic links you have is not really unique to you, but typical of most people
most of the databases of providers are small and skewed towards certain populations, particularly in the ‘developed’ world, so not very accurate anyway
they link you to where populations are now, not where they were at the time of the link (so you don’t really have, say, Irish blood - because that genetic marker was actually somewhere else entirely when it passed into your family tree).

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I found my DNA results fascinating. I used National Geographic which had at the time (maybe still) limited results. I believe the competitor Ancestry .com goes further and enables you to find close relatives subject to their allowing their results / identities to be published.

Someone I know who was adopted was able to resolve many questions through this means.

Like some have said, skeletons could come out of the closet. I passed on my recent news of finding a cousin in New Zealand to another cousin who is a fanatical genealogist and has done a DNA test, he was contacted by someone who claimed to be a match and was given a story along the lines of ‘I am the illegitimate son of X and was adopted at birth’, both my cousin and I know X and his children so we are now not sure what to believe, whether to investigate further or just ignore the person who is keen to maintain contact.

I’m not into the genealogy nonsense - I much prefer a pair of flannels tbh :upside_down_face:

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As my wife says, ‘I wish you’d take as much interest in your living relatives (ie her) as the dead ones’.:grinning:

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No to the DNA test, so far, although mildly interested.
Digging up ancestors, became obligatory and very interesting, when I decided to investigate German citizenship. Before I began that search, years ago, to discover my grandfather’s birthplace and German family, I felt much less solid than I do now.
Everything I discovered about him, and it was all quite costly, so I haven’t achieved as much as I will one day…told me so much about my own character, and everything that had had happened to me, and my own parents and sister.
I never knew any of it before, because no one had dared to talk about “being German” in those years - from mid 19th C. to now.
Small details that I remember, from infancy, became bright lights in deep shade.