Do Germans coming into France at the moment need special paperwork?

We have a German couple who are still hoping to come to our gite next weekend and I think in fact are staying somewhere else in the Landes this coming week, before coming on to us.
Unfortunately the German stance has been to lump the whole of Nouvelle Aquitaine into the same risk category (and are advising against travelling ) - which is a bit hard on those of us in Lot-et-Garonne.
Anyway, to my surprise, our guests have just emailed to say they are still hoping to come. And she is searching through the internet to see if she needs to bring any paperwork.
Does anyone know please what (if anything) they need to do?
(Just come back from a day at the beach - Mimizan - just bliss! Quite a number of German voices around)
Thanks for any thoughts.

We have a couple of Germans arriving tomorrow, we”ve had a number of email exchanges in last weeks as at one point it looked as if German was going to impose a stricter quarantine that could include our area. They’ve not mentioned any paperwork needed to come into France. Only for returning to Germany. And nouvelle-Aquitaine at the moment would require them to quarantine when they get home…

Thanks Jane. They realise they need to quarantine on their return, but have accepted that - their son is now not coming. Do you know what paperwork they need for returning to Germany?

It’ an attestation type thing listing where they’ve been that they can download from federal website. My German isn’t good enough to get much further - but since they are German they should have no problem!


The borders between Germany and France are still open. I had no problems getting through by Saarbrücken to Metz! I would not try to go to Luxemberg or Straßburg, both Covid Hotspots!

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What quarantine? There is no such thing, unless you have symptoms!

As I understand it, Germans returning home are required to have a test as they cross from France back into Germany and to then remain in quarantine until the results of the test are known. Obviously if positive, they stay in quarantine.
The family due to arrive this coming Saturday - parents + grown-up son - the son is no longer coming “because of the quarantine”

Well I did not had to take a test either driving to Germany or returning a day later to France. Borderpolice on both sides were nowhere to be seen!

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The Germans are not relying just on the border force, but asking people to be responsible and follow the rules. If you are entering Germany from France (and other places too) you should have a declaration that sets out where you have come from. Currently Germany have labelled 4 areas of France as red zones, and if you have spent time in any of these (ie not just driven through) then you should self isolate until you have a negative test or for 14 days.

Our German clients arrived today and I believe what they have told us (as well as it being clearly set out of Federal German website of course!)

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