Do I pay RSI or Net-Enterprises?

I'm registered with Net-Enterprises / Auto-enterpreneur as I thought declaring any income I earn quarterly online would prove the simplest way.

I've today received a Declaration Trimestrielle de Chiffre D'affaires from the RSI which I assume I have to complete for the 1er trimestre (I only registered at the end of March so have about 30 euros to declare).

Question: do I return the form duly filled in AND ALSO declare online at Net or will this create a duplicate and result in me paying any tax twice?

Thank you.

exactly - declare via net-entreprise and there's nothing more to do! urssaf deal with it all for you. It's actually very easy once you get the hang of it ;-)

Thanks Andrew.

I had a paper in from Urssaf confirming that I was set up so they at least are aware of me, so I had fully intended to do everything then online. I just don't want to RSI to come chasing me thinking I'm ignoring them. They do have me listed as being under the Regime Micro Social Simplifie though, which is right for an AE (I think). Presumably when I do declare online (at the end of June according to Net) RSI will be able to check that somewhere so know I'm declaring my little bit? (I'm assuming too, with the declarations, I'll declare my 400-ish euros [I have ridiculously low income], calculate the 23.5% and expect to pay that). Seriously, I need to get to grips with this system - probably after doing it 2 or 3 times I'll be okay.

As always, you come to my aid and I thank you.

Hi Valerie

You should have recieved it from the urssaf not the rsi. You never pay anything directly to the rsi, everything goes via the urssaf who then pay everyone involved. The rsi often ask for money mistakingly thinking you're in the normal set up. You have the choice, either declare and pay via net-entreprise OR using the paper déclaration sending it back to the urssaf with your cheque. Which ever you do, make sure you keep a copy!

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