Do organic box schemes exist in France?

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

Article is here.
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I visited RIverford farm in the UK last summer, and was staggered at the number of boxes they delivered and the distance they travelled.
Are you aware of a box scheme in your area here in France?

(Kathryn Dobson) #2

Yes - we sold our old tractor to a guy running one near Pressac/ Availles Limouzine in Poitou-Charentes. He was sold out and all the customers came and helped to plant out as part of the contract. Watering was his biggest problem. He was living on nothing but very happy!

(Jennifer Clayton) #3

Our local cafe runs a scheme with a local organic farm - €10,00 a week, it’s great value, but I’m never sure what to do with the black radishes!!

(Coral Luke) #4

I used an organic box scheme in England and found my daughters were not too keen on some produce. I much prefer the local markets here in France and selecting what I like and the quantities I want too. Most locals grow their own produce and give it away too so you can aquire huge amounts of stuff without ordering it!

(Sarah Hague) #5

I blogged about this earlier this year:

I tried one guy a few years ago and didn’t use it for long as I didn’t like not being able to choose at all, and my boys are so picky it just wasn’t worth it.

(Wendy Wise) #6

There’s who deliver to a wide area - just key in your postcode. Organic and non organic produce but at fair price to farmer, they cut out the middlemen. Do ready made boxes, but you can also select your own stuff.

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #7

I guess so - we are a bit spoiled here in France.

(Ed Ward) #8

Sure, there are a couple here in Montpellier, but it’s really easier to go to the market twice a week and meet your produce (and producers) in person.