Do the French still call us "rosbifs"

if so…is it done with gentle humour at our strange brothers and sisters across La Manche?

Not that I’m aware of…very old fashioned expression. I think “stupid clowns” is more likely these days!

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Maybe it’s now les brexiteers, or les déserteurs :slight_smile:

I’ll get my coat and hat on the way out… :slight_smile:

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les déserteurs vill be shot :gun: :rofl::upside_down_face::laughing:

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Or the monty python french taunt

People over about 60 still use it, not very ironically
and people under 60 but over 40 use it ironically,
people under 40 don’t use it at all.

I’ve only heard it once or twice in 20 years. I can’t remember the situation, but I remember that it was not said in a malicious way.

Brits around here may well be called - les anglais or les britanniques - again, only in a pleasant way.

No it isn’t malicious, it is just a name. I heard it today, as it happens, when an unmistakably Anglosaxon couple went past the café terrace I was sitting on post jury.

Never heard it used in passing,like that.

It was definitely in a conversation - probably at one of our car meetings in the early years. A multi-club “do” brings in folk from all over.

We certainly don’t hear it used locally.

In answer to the OP, 100% yes.

Well it isn’t rude but people probably wouldn’t say it in front of you the way it was said today because you are foreign :smiling_face: so just in case.

If/when a stranger makes any comment/remark towards me - I always assume they are being polite and react accordingly. :relaxed::relaxed:

Having said that, if friends make a comment/remark towards me - I react appropriately…:wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Personally I hate blanket questions such as the heading of this thread.

In my opinion “the French” do NOT call “us” rosbifs.

However, some French may well call some of us “rosbifs”.

This ^^
People under 40 will have probably come across the term though. Especially if they listen to Renaud because he has immortalised it in his song “It is not because you are” - great lyrics if franglais amuses you.,IT-IS-NOT-BECAUSE-YOU-ARE,16140.html


Ok, If tu avent eard zis you may like very bcp ce chanson sur les rosbifs.


I love Frédéric Fromet!

An unnecessarily unpleasant response.

Oh, and in the 21st century referring to a woman as “dear” is condescending and sexist.


So is hating. Shame on you for removing

I agree… Hating someones post question is rude and unnecessary and unpleasant.