Do these things happen to you?

I will if it becomes a regular occurrence, but my doctor is not very sympathetic.

I would have to drag my legs across the floor, gasping, on entering his surgery for him to take notice.

He considers me to be in good health at my age.


A bit like mine then, he recently gave me 2 ordonnances for a hearing examination and an echograph, but in neither case with any indication of where, who or how to get them. Which was why I asked him in the first place. I do remember him writing a number down on a piece of paper though, but he must have taken it with him, I can’t find it anywhere. :roll_eyes:

I had asked at the cabinet for a rdv partly to get a tiny splinter out of my finger but was told he’ll see you when he comes to see your wife a domicile. But when I showed it to him he said make a rdv and I will do it at the cabinet. :astonished:

I noticed just now that it has disappeared, whether out, of its own accord, or deeper into the oblivion of my system. :rofl:

And you probably are - which is great. Do you take your blood pressure? Might be an idea to do so when you have one of these episodes and keep a note, so that if you do need to see the doctor he can see a timeline.
OH and I each have one of these …

When I said good health I should have said in reasonable good health for my age - I do take pills for moderately high BP, which is managed and is no real cause for concern, and yes I do have an Omron, but a wrist monitor, thanks.

These 2 episodes of strength loss are years apart and don’t worry me. More curious than anything else.

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This is incidental, and was brought to mind at the mention of doctors, and which both I and another doctor at that time, found quite amusing once the diagnosis was made.

My cheeks on both sides felt sore. I looked inside my mouth in the mirror, where I saw a large blue-black circular blemish on both the insides of my cheeks. Horror of horrors, what on earth were they!

My doctor didn’t know and looked worried. He said to come back in a week.

During that week it dawned on me. While shaving, brushing my teeth and combing my hair, I had made faces at myself in the mirror, including sucking in my cheeks with lips pursed. Something I hadn’t done since a child.

I had bruised the inside of my sucked-in cheeks. Much relief!

I thought this had happened to me recently when I did a morning routine series of super sets (alternating sets of reps without resting in between each one). Everything felt much more exhausting than usual, but I managed to complete the whole routine and told myself it was strength diminishing with age (albeit improbably abrupty). It was only later I realised that I’d picked up the wrong pair of dumbells and each was two kilos heavier than the ones I normally used.

So have now altered the whole routine and put extra weights on my other pairs too. The raised level of resistance is very reassuring


Just read this to hubby and it made him laugh, he is you :rofl:

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Yes. It did again, yesterday.

I went to IKEA, Caen [100 mins round trip] to return what I cal’d was 480€ worth of stuff. I decided to do without kitchen base unit doors, just go with draw-out baskets.

All the doors/hinges/handles were still in their packaging. I loaded all into the car, did the biz at Ikky - refund €380 … eh?! :thinking: What about the missing €100?

I looked at my account on, I went through email receipts. I couldn’t see why the refund was a ton short.

Dragged myself round Ikky, bought a few things - office chairs being discontinued! Clearing - €59.99 for €29,99. I already had one from hospital corner for €35 and it is very comfortable. Got another.

Got home with my bits, some in a large blue bag. But lo! What have we here? Another large blue bag containing 4 doors x €25 ea which never made it out of the car to the refund desk!

Another trip to Caen … :persevere:

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Looks lovely. You are obviously a LOT tidier than we are. :grin: For us, doors hide a multitude of sins. But a couple of things you may not avoid in the kitchen (as we know to our cost) mice and greasy dust. I hope you manage to avoid both. :slight_smile:

I am surprised to find an absence of mice. There are numerous cats on the prowl along our lane … I don’t have one myself. There are no comestibles in the cupboards in the photo. Apart from the fr/frz it’s all in

Tho’ a couple of colendars with spuds/onions to the left of the washing machine. I s’pose the first course would be the ‘tostadas’ in the box, top/rt of the wall cabinet but so far, no sign.

I lie! There’s a mouse in the photo! On the top left corner of the bread board is a mouse. The bread board is a Robert Thompson of Kilburn, Yorks, known as 'The Mouseman.

All Thompson furniture, however grand, such as the dining table of my father’s Officers’ Mess, seating dozens, or a simple bread board, has a mouse carved into it. All apprentices must learn how to carve a mouse before they start learning to make furniture.

But that’s the only one so far.

Greasy dust? I don’t have greasy dust. What is ‘greasy dust’?

I have dusty dust in my bedrooms and sawdust in the sitting room/workshop :roll_eyes:

No. My problem is too much stuff.

Two cafetiers +/- 1.5 litres. Three one mug cafetieres. Three 1L vacuum flasks. One 2L vacuum flask. The bundle of forks [bt left] has 18 dining forks. There are 5-6 more in my ‘in use’ drawer. Spoons likewise … +/- 20. Set of ‘tea knives’ never used. Coronation spoon 1953.

The ‘small’ stockpot is 5.5L. The large one 10L. There are 4-5 more saucpans down there - non good for induction without adapter plate. Spare kettle. A back-up toaster, new, still in its box, hiding behind the big stock pot.

It goes on. There’s more. Just my ‘in daily use’ selection would do for a family of 6.

One day I will have a clear out.

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Before your clear out, a little market check

:pound: :pound:

Never mind ‘greasy dust’ neither analogue photographers nor their digital successors have ‘dust’!

You’d need a lot of bread for that one…

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Try wiping along the back of a cooker behind the burners

There was a wonderful film about him, I saw it aged about 8 and was entranced.

I am sure that there is a deep universal process behind this, I’m just not sure which one it is; the Mandelbrot set, String Theory, or Forces of attraction like electrostatic, magnetic or even quantum mechanics. My husband has suggested Black Holes. I am convinced we have black holes wandering around our house swallowing up stray socks, gloves, charging cables, necessary electrical goods and my current shopping lists which never seem to make it into my pocket when I look for them at the shops. In a jealous response to all this interaction, other neglected objects wrap and tangle together for mutual support. Or perhaps they are trying to tell you something. Everything happens for a reason, so they say. Or it could just be that life is both ridiculous and hilarious.


We have ‘dust bunnies’. Tumbleweeds of wool, probably from our labradoodles, roll across the floor, particularly in front of guests. I do my best with the vacuum but I think the bunnies hear me getting it out and hide in inconspicuous places only to re-emerge as I hang up the vacuum again.


I call it “tumblefluff”


I call it “patination”.


We call 'em “tumbleweed” … from old cowboy movies…
and tumbleweed rolls down the corridors every day… and I sweep 'em up and chuck 'em out… and back they come… aaaargh.