Do they have 'state spongers' in France?

Just wonderin'... For socialism work reasonably well ..and it appears to do so in some countries...France too(?)....It must be a vital part of the deal include social responsibility, mutual respect, equality etcetc as an essential part of education systems...beginning with the youngest children...? Does this happen in France? When France was mostly RC...the influence of the church may have been responsible...for that part of national education?. Can anyone tell does it pan out in France now? Are there lots of people IDd as 'state spongers' in France as seems to be the case... in UK? Is there any *national feeling* for caring and sharing (is this the pervasive 'community feeling' of France)..and if it stronger than in Uk? I dont think I have ever heard anyone in France...complain about those who depend on state support. Never heard of a French word..that means 'sponger'... Any thoughts...if you've nuthin better to do? O:-)

As most of you know and appreciate, SFN is, in the main, an unmoderated forum. We intend to keep it like that and to do so, we expect everyone to adhere to our Dinner Party guidelines. Those that do not are asked to leave.

Yesterday this discussion kicked off in a manner that is highly unbecoming to both those involved and to SFN. We will not tolerate this.

James and I both work full time, in fact as James runs SFN, also has his 'other' job, is renovating a house AND is responsible for the kids / school runs when I'm at work, so I would say he his working "double" full time.

Yesterday neither of us were around to act on the pathetic, childish comments that were being bandied about. We've discussed the matter and have taken the exceptional decision to close this thread. This is a real shame and a clear example of a minority spoiling it for the majority.

We've already had one member leave because of the nastiness in this thread. We are not prepared to lose any more. Neither am I going to give up my Saturday to trawl through pages of "who said what to who" to apportion blame.

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I hope everyone has a great Saturday, enjoys the lovely late summer weather and can move on and put this behind them.

Ken, the fact that people read what you have written and see vitriol makes it precisely that and not what you are saying it is, which is opinion. You are implying you are not out to provoke disagreement or argument although what you write does exactly that.

As far as keyboard heroes, well I would stand face to face with you any day. I have faced far greater risks than that many times over. The way we do this is one of the gifts given to us by modern technology and not a shield many of us hide behind at all, indeed it is often very much the opposite that gives us an opportunity to be very open over distances that often would never have allowed it previously.

Do not make too many assumptions about people. I make my living by speaking out for other people, in truth I care very little for myself and consider putting oneself number one a very selfish attitude. I am anything but the only such person in the world, indeed when one considers all professions and vocations people take up to put others first it probably runs into millions. So the implications behind 'a big brave boy behind the safety of your computer screen' can be read as simply an attempt to provoke as well because you do not know. Indeed, one might also assume you are exactly what you are accusing others of being.

Perhaps if you moderated your language and expressions you would not run into conflict at every turn. You are in the breeding business, well I lived on the breeding side of Newmarket for around 30 years and know that there were hard nosed businessmen and women among them, however one thing all of them had in common was their ability to accept people around them, their communities and the variety of people in them. The Marquis of Granby pub in Stetchworth is used by jockeys, trainers, breeders and so on from the studs, stables and so on. It is one of the pubs with the nicest ambience locally, far nicer than what was my totally boring local by far. The local people, who also included the 'dodgy' characters, were equals although there with people of all manner of background from simple farm workers up to hereditary nobles. The way you choose to express yourself here tells me you would not fit in with those people at all.

So, please look back over what you have written and responses to those things, then think about them. The preferred attitude here is of a 'dinner party' or even a pleasant local like the Marquis of Granby where there are little spates but all ends with another 'small glass' of something and no worse.

the internet gives people like you a voice which you wouldn't previously have had

Well that's nice then isn't it Ken. I'm beginning to think of you as 'simply passing through'.

(or is that 'simply trolling through'?)

Nice one Kenneth. At least I've managed to take your mind off France & all things French for a while. What would you do if I was stood in front of you? Thrash me like the local peasants? Still on your high horse I see.

I sported a beard all through my service to HRH no wonder we lost the Empire never wore suede shoes though perhaps that was the redeeming factor

As a hard working bloater I am offended by your comments Ken.

Arf Arf :)

"I learned that in the city, and it'll never change (they also taught me never to trust men with beards"

Kenneth, Oh Kenneth! I've just re read your post & noticed what you said.

"Learned it in the city " That'll explain a lot then !

" never trust men with beards" Well, our leader has one & this guy certainly did ![|150x180](upload://p8PvZF2oU6mM3X1iYVwReiqbGmy.jpg)

Don't tell me you wouldn't trust either of them or is that another of the glib statements you seem to have a penchant for? :-)

Never having worked here I wouldn't have a clue but I guess Andrews comments could be taken as 'from the horses mouth,' so pretty apt wouldn't you say?

Chomeurs dont think so old chap ,in france you dont get chomage untill you work so you only get back what you put in.

The guy you talk about needs to have worked 122 days or 610 hours within a 28 month period if he is less than 50 to get chomage and it would have not been a lot anyway.

the only people that get some thing for nothing are on ass they only get RSA.

we could go on about the UK and how half the world is heading its way to get hand out`s and a houses for free.

Personnaly i feel they way you are going about living in france, dont be surprised if the inspection du travail knock at your door, there a legal ways of doing things and if you dont know how to do them, employ an accountant that can do it for you ! I am surprised that anybody would work for The stallion company.

Now this may come as a shock to you Kenneth but in this case I agree with most of what you have said. Nobody, me especially, likes spongers who soak up our taxes & give nothing in return. You & I will never see eye to eye because unlike most folk you seem to gain a sadistic pleasure in the way you tell us you treat people & an even greater pleasure in publicising the fact. I get it you're probably a 'Big Shot' in the horsey world but here you are just one of the many. I'm not exactly skint, & pay my fair whack in taxes here but I don't feel the need to tell everybody. You're certainly entitled to an opinion but a moderated approach would be better appreciated. Try it why don't you?. you might actually make a few friends here.

Ken...your style looks like *no holds barred*, when measuring personalities..and I think, maybe.. anyone feeling empathy with those you describe..(like the big girl eating pies)....may well feel hurt/insulted. Your opinion looks useful to me so I hope you ...also..will continue to offer it, while avoiding sensitive issues, sans personal attack?

"wage-slave-eat-the-rich thing" ? What? Do I detect a bit of megalomania creeping in here?

Have you actually read the vitriol you spout here! Everybody appreciates others opinions but yours always seem so vicious & opinionated .

Why are you addressing this to Catharine here?

Yes my neighbour is one and the locals despise him

Never looks for work, has social housing (100% free), reduction on all bills and a total of 600€ a month which he puts towards his nightly parties.

Several porte plaintes and mains courants on going as he blasts music all night, goes to bed at 6am and then lazes around during the day. Plus he can't talk quietly and has to shout sans cesse

One day he will reap what he sows but for the time being la vie est belle as far as he is concerned.

We had an artisan who had decided that at age 60 his heart complaint was too bad for him to work any more. His fellow workers knew full well that this was disguised "sponging", but didn't seem to be bothered about it and said that it was quite normal for people approaching retirement to decide that they had had enough and to find a way to avoid working.

Give it a rest chaps.

Kenneth. I'd love to meet you face to face if only to see if you really are the person you try very hard to convince us you are. Do keep posting. Your jingoistic attitude puts me in mind of Colonel Blimp & is so funny it's bordering on the ridiculous :-)

Explain please Ken why extending his contract 2 weeks would give him access to 12 months state benefits and how do you know he was going to knock up his obese girlfriend or did you just assume. Why was she obese did she just pig out on pies and junk food or was she on medication for glandular /thyroid problems and did you assume they were going to live on state benefits for the rest of their lives.You took great pleasure in not extending his contract so causing someone great hardship is fun for you. From an account of your other activity's posted on here You paint a picture of someone who is well liked and respected in the community

Catherine! I was busy talking to some 'mericans on FB..and you know that feelings run very high...against anything remotely 'socialist or commie' that their own new healthcare system still drives folks wild with rage and despair. In that context my title including the UK idea of state 'spongers'...looks very mild...but I do understand that its a topic that people get angry about. Its absolutely not my intention to start a fight..I'm fascinated by the idea of how far people might protect personal/individual freedom...and how much misery/poverty etc many will tolerate on home territory...before they will want to intervene in any way ...or 'help'..
France has mystified me so having NO apparent maniac angry UKs Daily Mail..which seems to sell a lot of copies ..with its rage against many people who are state dependent.with lots of articles about 'state spongers' and 'benefit fraudsters' etc....
I really hope to see some input of opinion that throws a bit of light on the way humans think and act..and ..IF I'm right in thinking that France is....somehow...*different*. I haven't got any personal axes to grind...I was a prefab kid..along with assorted other unattractive features for a class conscious UK...and it took me a long time to learn my papa..deserved respect..not censure. BUT ..I understand the POV of those who pay massive taxes too. None of it fits into lazy beggar/greedy sod files, alone! No ad hominems..Im very glad to read ideas.especially about France.