Do you bring out the "best china" for guests?

Whichever figures are correct… it does seem a little over the top… :thinking:

Funny this, we have just decided to use all our best stuff rather than let it sit in cupboards.
We are, however, not in the same league.

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You are so right… our “wedding” china has been sitting in the cupboard for too long. We did use it for celebrations etc, until a couple of plates got broken and it got put away “for safety”. How stupid. :zipper_mouth_face:

I think we might start using it, gradually… I’ll muster up my courage. :relaxed:

and, no, it is certainly not in the same league as the Elysée china… just Wedgwood, Susie Cooper… :hugs:

We gave all our ‘best’ china to our son and his family after we had visited a Limoges pottery and bought everything we needed for a mere pittance despite the weight and quality of the items. Pure white (just like me) and if we break a plate - what the hell, no set disturbance to worry about! Just replace it at about a few euro’s a time… (well, we are pensioners after all lol)
Besides, we don’t really now have people ‘round to tea’ any more as we are miserable old gits (well, I am, V is more charming than me) and no longer socialise as once we did - so what’s the point of keeping all that stuff in the cupboard never to be used?
I don’t have an issue with the Elysée Palace replacing theirs though and it’s not right to criticise M. Macron for the expense; he is only the temporary guardian of the palace which belongs to the people of France and AFAIK is only being replaced because the stuff bought under the Chirac tenancy has depleted by use and a country as significant as France in the world order should have a decent place setting to display it;s wealth and prosperity.
On the other hand, I can’t see M. Macron flinging the plates at the wall in anger like it must be the case most days in Downing Street when May don’t get her way :grin:

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I’d hand ours on… but our daughter has already claimed her Grandmother’s china and certainly won’t want ours…

Heartily agree with white Limoges…lovely stuff… :hugs:

Ours belonged to my grandmother and is a heavier ironware for meals and china for tea etc.
Both in beautiful blue and white patterns.
Our daughter has the beautiful green with white i nsides tea set.
Very 30’s.

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I find driving around the Limoges area strangely nostalgic. The mining company names and frequent references to kaolin remind me of my childhood in Cornwall.

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I was recently designated the “guardian” of great-great-grandma’s tea service. My Dad had told me tales of how he hated using it as a child, since he “always” broke something… :roll_eyes:

The few remaining pieces sit on display, behind glass… and are a conversation piece with friends and neighbours. I shall not use them, they are too fragile… but I like to think of the generations who have used them in the past… :relaxed:

My “modern” wedding stuff, etc… that’s not the same … I’m determined to use it, come what may.

Ah yes, kaolin and morphine… happy days :slight_smile:

i have one set of plates guests get same set of plates. stuff poshnes of having posh plates same food goes on them.

You make it almost sound like a cocktail… :wink::relaxed: