Do you cut your dog's nails?

It’s all in the title. Do you or not?

And a pic to show our doggie is smothered in ove!

Yes, we do our dogs nails. But we use a dremel drill to grind the nails. It works better than cutting and we don’t have to worry about hitting the quick and hurting the dogs.

As you probably know from other comments , our Poppy can’t use her back legs at all any more, poor old gal. but what is amusing is that her hair is now long under her back feet. It looks quite strange.


As per the title - I rarely cut Scooby’s nails. I think this is probably to do with the type of walks he has. Normally he goes out for an hour in the morning taking in Woodland and a lot of stone tracks. I think the tracks keep his nails/claws in good order.
I had two German Shepherds before, when I was working and unfortunately their nails needed attention a little more often. Rather than clip then I’d take them to a quiet tarmac car park and throw the ball for them. Charging around the car park with sudden stops and direction changes seemed to do the trick! They also enjoyed the exercise so a simple result enjoyed by all!