Do you dye your hair?

(Véronique Langlands) #1

General nosiness again, my besetting sin, do you dye streak colour tint perm or otherwise alter your hair?

(Andrew Hearne) #2

No, although there’s more grey than dark brown now and my “designer stubble” (as my Mum calls it) is no longer even salt and pepper but just white :open_mouth: Thank God for George Cluny :smiley:

(Chris Kite) #3

Going grey guys?
Think a little dye and a change of style will make you irresistible? More successful? Super confident?

Take a look at Donald…

Still sure??

(Andrew Hearne) #4

for women it’s so normal to colour (as I’m sure you know better than me!) from an early age, far more here than the UK, that struck me years ago, now it’s just normal (especially all the females within my French family) and seems odd seeing ‘normal’ colour hair back in the UK on the odd visit or brits here.

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #5

Highlighting is very popular and I do this from time to time to put a bit of Summer in my hair and liven up my appearance. As a small child I was a light blonde and as I got close to puberty it got a little mousier. In those days I wore my hair in plaits or a pony tail and by the time I got to secondary school I started to use lemon juice as a rinse to even up the colour as the ‘tail’ part was getting bleached by the sun and didn’t match the rest. Graduated to using Polyfair (mild hair bleach) as a shampoo…Once I started getting my hair styled at the hairdressers I decided to take the route of occasional highlights/lowlights, …gives more interest and depth and grows out much more subtly…I never liked the dark roots look…and doesn’t cost too much.

Your new look is very dramatically different, Veronique,…does this mark a new phase in your life ?

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #6

It is very strange that a man with so much money has opted to have such odd hair.
He could be looked after in that department by his hairdresser of choice, who could cut it in layers in such a way as to have a good shape and look fuller and more youthful…What he has now just dates him…it’s almost as bad as a ‘comb- over’ on a bald man…

Maybe he’ll take a risk and have a make-over if he makes it to President…

(Chris Kite) #7

I’m told there’s a good Mexican hairdresser in Washington…

(Véronique Langlands) #8


(Véronique Langlands) #9

No not at all, I have fun with my hair: I had ginger hair as a child, then it went a bit darker but still pretty red, so in my teens I dyed it black for a couple of years, then by my late 20s I had lots of white hair which I didn’t dye, then when I was 40ish I dyed it purple because it really showed up on the white, then brown after that because purple doesn’t stay purple enough it fades to pink - and carried on dyeing it dark brown for 4 or 5 years out of habit and not wanting to cut it short. And a couple of years ago I stopped dyeing it at all, chopped it off and now it is shoulder-length and all white and shiny and I love it. Dyeing is such a faff esp as my hair grows extremely fast.

(Hilary Jane Dunk) #10

That’s super white !
A friend of mine went white in her early thirties and I know of couple of other people who also went white surprisingly early…like you she still looks quite youthful and it suits her. Much better to leave it or tint it (blue rinse ?)…annoying and a ‘faff’ to keep retouching obvious roots…

Would look good when ‘Domino’ dressing…at the Venice Carnival…?

(Maureen Horswell) #11

Yes I do. I am vain and intend growing old disgracefully, so as to embarrass my children, lol.

(Chris Kite) #12

Presumably he stands in front of his mirror, arranges it in al it’s preposterousness and says “yeah, that looks great”

(Katherine Davies) #13

Mine is very like yours,´Veronique. I , too, stopped

dying a couple of years ago - best thing I ever did for my hair. I was having to dye every 3 weeks as the white roots against auburn dye made me look bald. Yours is lovely. Here’s mine.

(Véronique Langlands) #14

But what colour (s)? I like dye when it looks unnatural ( crazy colour, oh the joy…)

(Véronique Langlands) #15

Oh I like it v much - from the back we could be twins! :blush: my parents were both completely white by the time they were about 30 (my father) and 35 (my mother) and neither ever dyed their hair. I agree with the levitating hair looking weird and not in a good way.

(Pam Thompson) #16

no. Never. When I was young I did. I did it to make myself feel pretty and to attract the attention of males. Surely that’s what face painting and hair dying are for.
Now, I have lovely grey hair. It’s like a badge of honour, or a medal saying that I have lived life, faced adversity and my head is full of knowledge.
Heck I’ve earned this grey hair, why on earth would I want to dye it?
Besides, dyed hair looks bloody ridiculous on old women.
My mother reminded me of Queen Elizabeth the first. Shrunken wrinkled face with bright auburn hair.

(Pam Thompson) #17

I know young women who pay loads of money and end up ruining their hair when they have it dyed (with peroxide bleach) to our lovely natural ‘platinum blonde’ every month lol
I too love being this colour and like it longer.
Since I refuse to use harsh chemicals or anything tested on animals, my hair gets washed when I shower, with my basic Greek olive oil soap. It’s still soft and shiny.

(Véronique Langlands) #18

It looks wonderful Pam! Lush (not tested on animals) do a v nice shampoo for white hair called daddy-o which has the most heavenly violet scent.

(Jane Williamson) #19

I have coloured my hair for so long that I can only just remember a friend describing it as rich mouse!
I know that underneath it is not a clear colour, or I would let it go. It would now be described as mousy gray!

(Catharine Higginson) #20

Can I ask what shampoo / conditioner you ladies with such amazingly white hair use? It’s for my horse whose tail is half white and half yellows white…so I’d rather avoid Lush type prices!