Do you fancy writing a monthly piece for a Facebook group

We are
After Brexit Brits living in the EU.
We are new and we are private,
I am looking for content and having been a member of surviving france for many years I thought of you.
I would like a regular monthly piece about your Gite or B&B. Under 200 words with a photo. A purely voluntary roll but regularity and reliability required. Of course you would be able to include a link to your web site or Facebook.
It may be a first for you but it is also for me.
Search for us and send me a message on Facebook messenger.
I have not included a link as I am not sure that is allowed.

Don’t see why not
@james @cat

Because ‘private’ groups on FB are what are killing forums all over the internet and have been for years. It is no different that coming on and saying ‘come to my private party’. Information on FB groups is non searchable (so unless you know to look for a certain group and how to join you may miss out on information that could be vital for you) and is in a format that makes it nigh on impossible even if you are a member to search and keep track of (no categories etc just one great long thread).


appreciate your point @toryroo but the decision whether to allow the link is surely vested in James and Cat (which is why I tagged them) :wink:

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Things have moved on. It is possible to build a knowledge base within a group under a thing called TOPICS.
In our group which covers 27 countries threads can be linked to the TOPIC. In addition to subjects like travel.
However it is not for me to defend anything. I am a newbie.

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Make your mind up!

This is the groups description.

We are After Brexit Brits (ABB) who are resident or are becoming resident in an EU27 country but retain a foothold in Britain.

After Brexit we all have a common interest as over time Britain may drift away from the EU and we need to create a strong community of Brits across the EU27. We believe ignorance of the EU led to Brexit so one of our objectives is to learn more about the EU and the 27 countries within it.

There are plenty of groups that are anti Brexit. This group is for those who support the EU and are in the process of moving on from Brexit.

We are friendly.

We are pro European but not naive.

We are not here to attack anyone including the British Government.

We use Facebook Messenger for direct communication between members and Admin

A newbie at running a Facebook group.

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After an innocent remark accidentally exposed a lie made by the leader of a Facebook group I was banned from the group so unable to explain the circumstances. So I avoid them now.

Yup well, pretty much as @toryroo said:

It’s like walking into a shop and saying to the customers “you don’t want to buy that here, come down the road to my shop”


If your enterprise is commercial then it would not be permitted. If it is just a hobby with no commercial interest then you can post a link.


James, absolutely nothing commercial. If you must call it a hobby, then my wife would agree. Thank you,

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Also if you aren’t a FB user, I’m not and will not be…then you miss things, why doesn’t SF enable some kind of diary like that, interesting extension from beyond just a message board.

Out of interest, what is the reason for making the group private?

Control. With no possibility of inconvenient views.

I really don’t see the appeal of Facebook groups, especially if they are supposed to be imparting information. I belonged to one that was an alumni group and it was great fun to catch up on everyone’s gossip, but after a while became an absolute nightmare to follow with all the threads going off in so many different directions. Very difficult to follow for anyone who joined late.
The “stream of consciousness” thing is just so unattractive.
I MUCH prefer the organised database approach of forums - and even that can become confusing cf the current spate of bank account posts on here.

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James, we started as a public group but I received a number of requests to make the group private as some members were concerned about trolls.
So we became private.
This means only members can see content
Only members can write posts or comment
Only members can see a list of the members.

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You have a very valid point. That’s perhaps why Facebook introduced a thing they call topics which are a “little” like forum headings.
In after Brexit Brits we are using topics for example 27 different countries, etc etc including travel which is why I would like someone to write a few words of life running a Gite or B&B monthly France. It of course would be posted by the writer. That would go into the France topic so if a Brit living in The Netherlands was going to visit France they Mike explore the France topic.

hear hear, I share your views…I’m a relatively new SF user and now regular poster and find it interesting, amusing and informative, but the threads do become confusing and the content at times becomes irrelevant to the thread, often because users go off at a (frivolous?) tangent.
I wish there were two categories of thread …serious ones addressing problems and issues with replies and help and then more lighthreated ones.

Users often raise an issue that is a problem or worry only for some contributors to put in silly comments and then the original users issue are lost. Why cannot there be two category types…serious and chatty lighthearted and users be asked to treat them accordingly .

There is… and updated regularly