Do You Have A Book Swap Service In Your Area?

I live in the Deux Sevres (79) and we are lucky to have Jan Smith AKA "Paperback Jan" to keep us supplied with a steady stream of good quality books.

Here is a piece I wrote about her in the local Magazine Deux Sevres Monthly.

Certainly Gill, please let me have your email address. I am and if you email me I will send you a map of how to get here. The next book swap will be at the end of November, Friday 29th from 2pm. Please don't bring too many books, our space is very limited. I try to have a policy of 'one in, one out', so if you have 50 books....I expect you to take away a fair few.

Hope you can make it. Chris Clarke

Here in Pézenas (34) there is a monthly English-language book sale. It's generally held at the Café de la Bourse (at Hotel Molière) the 1st Sunday of the month, 10 am - 12 noon. In May it will be the 2nd Sunday because of the semi-annual Brocante Faire on the 1st Sun. Books are 1€ (or less). It's always a lively gathering & a chance to have a cup of coffee/tea, find books & meet new people. Don't hesitate to stop by!

I think there's a similar event in Gabian as well, but don't know the details....Perhaps someone else in the group knows the info.

We've just emptied a couple of bookshelves to make space for new ones. Our school (CSI Lyon) has a book sale once a year. So we are planning to donate our there.

Sadly Steve, I don't think many people will be interested in old mouldering books! The idea of a book swap is to find yourself nice new reading matter, not something tatty. Some people use us as a dump, but dumped books go straight up to the recycle bins. Why should I clutter my house up with smelly stuff. You could try one of the charities if you are harbouring gems.

We have boxes of books slowly disintegrating away in our barn here in the Beaujolais amassed over the past xteen years, would be good to find a way of disposing of them.

Hi Christine

You could add these as an event on SFN too - promise to promote them and if I forget, remind me!

I started exactly the same. Over 7 years ago now and we have several thousand books. All in my house and they have sort of taken over. We hold a book afternoon once every 2 months on the last Friday of the month. We just go from strength to strength too. At least 50 people come each time - although I think the secret is possibly the home made cakes and tea I offer them all. You usually find in a couple there is a 'reader' and a 'non-reader'. With cake on offer the non-reader doesn't mind coming along too.

For the May and September swaps we have plant swap too which is really good. Everyone brings their surplus sowings and exchanges, for example, tomato plants for cucumber plants...etc etc etc. If someone has nothing to swap but sees something they would like we ask for a small donation and then with the money collected we find a local charity to give it to.

We have met lovely people over the years and lots of friendships have formed all stemming from my book swap. And as a compulsive reader I have never run out of books.

We are situated in Department 36 not far from the A20 and the plus beau village of St Benoit du Sault. All welcome. If you would like to go on my mailing list please let me know and I will notify you of each meeting and send a map too.

Hi Helen Thanks for mentioning our monthly book mornings. Good idea - must get a link with VihierTourist Office.

Hi Helen,

Just thought i would mention the fact that the Tourist Information office at Vihiers has english books if anyone wants to borrow a read for the holiday ....

Not yet, as we have been here just 2 weeks tomorrow. I'll follow up your FB suggestion re Jan. Thanks for your help

Hello Helen

I read your piece in Deux-Sevres magazine, and enjoyed it, and it re-kindled an idea I had had ages ago when we first bought a house in 79 - we didn't live in France then, so it wasn't practical. However, we have now moved over to live, in department 86, not far from Antigny and am thinking about doing a similar thing to Jan, once we are more settled in, of course (Our furniture does not arrive from UK until next week!). Would Jan be willing to meet me, do you think? I am happy to travel to her, of course. It would be so helpful to use her advice before I head off on a route which may have pitfalls I hadn't thought of.