Do you know about Oil Rayburns?

Hello and Happy New Year Everyone.
I need to get a replacement balanced flue for my 400k PF oil fired Rayburn. Its only for cooking. Does anyone know of someone who either has spare parts or breaks rayburns. I can’t find any on leboncoin or EBay UK and for some reason the guys who refurbish Rayburns so far don’t have any.
Or someone who could bend a 2 ml pipe.
I m in Charente-Maritime.

Many Thanks

Rayburn has been part of Aga for a long time now, so a good bet would be to try Aga Living in France for local service people for your region. But be aware, you will get a poor response and if you do get any names, they in turn will live up to the poor Aga image.

A better bet might be to try Aga direct in Banbury where there are more installations who would send you one - if they are still made…

One company you could try is AMT31. They deal with all sorts of Agas and Rayburns. Rude as hell, that is, if they bother to respond to your message…

If it

We have a retro-fitted pressure jet burner in our Rayburn supreme, and use Harworth Heating for parts:

Thanks very much for your responses. Haworth heating were next on my list to contact.
A new kit from Rayburn is over £1400 when all I really need is the elbow!

I was hoping someone might be scrapping one!

Many thanks so far!

I realise you’re not wood, but this might be useful

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If it is a simple sheet metal fabrication job, I would enquire with a local engineering firm or blacksmith. When the baffles on my old baxi boiler had burnt away and Baxi no longer supported it for spares, I bought some steel and made new ones myself. I also found ebay a useful source of secondhand parts for the same boiler. Good luck.

Sorry, the item from ebay I suggested is clearly the wrong part but I seem unable to delete it!

Cheers Carl,

I was thinking that- I got a quote for a new metal canopy over one of the doors so I think I ll contact him if a second hand part doesn’t come up. Otherwise we may have another solution.

Cheers for all your input so far.


Hello Tricia, Happy New Year to you too. You can check with I certainly saw some parts there. You can try your luck

It’s interesting how fashions change over time. Many decades ago, an estate in the Scottish Borders stripped out all the Rayburns in the workers’ cottages and replaced them with new-fangled electric cookers. The estate had been gifted to Field Marshal Douglas Haig by a grateful government in recognition of his efforts in World War I.

If they were like the small cream colour Rayburn we used to have then, provided they had heating, it was no loss.

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Ah, that could explain it.

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Had one of those in my SA house - it was useless.

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