Do you know the best interior wall designer in France?

I want to decorate my house, but I don’t know how to decorate the walls, only paint for a long time will become moldy, I want to buy interior wall panels to decorate my house.Is there a warm-heart person to help me?

Hello and welcome to SF.
Is wall panelling really the way to go? It would give the look of an office environment. Yes painted walls need refreshing from time to time which provides the opportunity for a new look with a simple change of colour.
Wall panelling remains until you fall out of favour with it and then it needed ripping out and the walls repaired before painting can begin.
A good quality paint will last many years although in France be prepared to dig deep into your pockets as good quality paint doesn’t come cheap.

If you have mold on your walls it suggests higher humidity and a lack of ventilation. Hiding that behind panelling will probably make it worse and could lead to health issues.


You might want to consider wallpaper (fake) panelling.
I’ve used this in 2 bedrooms to give a low height panelling effect.

Advantages are that its relatively cheap, easy to apply and take off later if need be.

Google images may help:

Google images wallpaper panelling