Do you like Cats, Childrens books & speak Spanish?

OK I know it’s strange topic for a French forum but I’m looking for a Spanish speaker to translate a new short childrens’ story.

It’s been written by an author friend and is being published in English in the UK. It’s about the travels of a friendly cat. She thought a Spanish speaking cat lover with their own children would give a nice touch to it. Just 500 words so could be the ideal way to curl up with a good book one evening and be the first to read it to their own children?

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Hi Andrew. I’ve changed the Category of your topic to Culture since I believe that will more closely match the multi-faceted aspect of your topic. Good luck with it!

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I love cats and love children’s books. My favourite is Mouse and Mole by Joyce Dunbar. I treasure memories of reading them to my daughter. We still quote their sage advice to one another, twenty five years later… for example, you can cut whiskers shorter but you can’t cut them longer. So very, very true.