Do you live in La Manche?

Morning all!
I’m working on a feature for Living France magazine and need to speak to people who live in lovely La Manche!
I’ll need a quick chat on the phone or via email and a couple of pics of yourself / plus spouse / family and maybe your property.
If you fit the bill or you know someone who does, please send me a message or comment below and I will be in touch.

Hi Cat, we live in lovely La Manche and it is indeed a wonderfully well-rounded corner of the hexagon (if a hexagon can be said to have well-rounded corners), with every possible nuance of French life one could wish.

We would love to tell others about our own experiences, but my wife is an extremely private person and would not want to go public or be seen to be engaged in a vanity exercise, although I am sure your journalistic skills would preclude that in any way. But my instinct here is to err on the side of discretion, and stay zipped up :zipper_mouth_face:, confident in the knowledge that someone will take the very attractive bait :joy::innocent: