Do you need an English Copywriter?

Hi there

Is there a need for English copywriters here in France? I’ve seen some questionable translations from French into English in a lot of marketing material here and I’ve wondered whether it is worth pursuing this as a business here.

Thoughts anyone??

Thanks so much

I offer a full range of language services - FR>EN translation/transcreation, EN copywriting/journalism and other related activities.
95% of my work is translation.
So unless there is an area of the market that I never managed to tap into, I feel it might be hard to create a flourishing business out of English copywriting on its own. The market doesn’t seem to feel any great need so you might have to start by creating one.
Oddly, I have a French client who offers me both copywriting and translation projects. For the translation they offer better than average rates (so I always say Yes please) and for the copywriting projects they offer very poor rates (so I always say No thanks). I don’t know whether this is an accurate reflection of the French marketplace but it has always struck me as rather odd, and I have wondered if copywriters in France don’t have quite the kudos they do in the UK - which would be borne out by my experience of translating professionally-written French copy, which not infrequently contains dodgy spelling, grammar and syntax. Maybe the average French company doesn’t attach the same importance and budget to marketing as the average UK company?
That’s been my my experience at any rate, others may not agree.

Thanks for your feedback Anne. I think perhaps an online business set up will work better. I can market internationally as I currently do with IT.